Five Guns You Should Avoid in BGMI

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Five Guns to Avoid in BGMI


While BGMI offers a range of weapons for a player to use, all are not created equal and hence it is beneficial to switch to a better weapon.
This article talks about weapons you should avoid in BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers players a vast arsenal of weapons across multiple categories. However, not all weapons are created equal, and certain weapons may prove less practical or advantageous in specific scenarios. Making well-informed decisions when selecting your weaponry is paramount to maximizing your chances of success in the game. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into some of the weapons within BGMI that you might want to avoid due to their limitations or disadvantages. 

By understanding these drawbacks, you can make astute choices when assembling your loadout, thereby increasing your likelihood of emerging triumphant on the battlegrounds. BGMI encompasses nine distinct weapon categories, including melee weapons, pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, designated marksman rifles (DMRs), sniper rifles, crossbows, and machine guns.

Weapons to Avoid in BGMI: Making Smart Choices

There are several weapons that players may want to refrain from using due to their limitations or disadvantages. Here are some of the guns you might want to consider avoiding in BGMI:

1. Win94

Win94 BGMI

The Win94 stands as a lever-action rifle fueled by .45 ACP ammunition, exclusive to the Miramar map. Though capable of inflicting respectable damage, its drawbacks make it a less sought-after choice when compared to other sniper rifles within the game. With its sluggish rate of fire and limited customization possibilities, it fails to match the allure of its counterparts. Additionally, its fixed scope poses challenges when engaging distant adversaries, while its diminutive magazine size of 8 bullets further places it at a disadvantage.

2. VSS Vintorez


The VSS Vintorez is a distinctive sniper/DMR hybrid armed with the subdued power of 9mm ammo. Despite its presence, this weapon finds itself less favored among players due to its underwhelming damage output and pronounced bullet drop, particularly during late-game encounters that tend to demand long-range engagements. While the built-in suppressor offers tactical advantages in specific scenarios, the VSS Vintorez's limited attachment options, confined solely to a magazine and stock, restrict its overall versatility, further contributing to its diminished popularity.



The FAMAS has found its place among the primary maps, including Erangel, after its recent introduction. However, when compared to its counterparts within the game, this firearm falls short in terms of ammunition capacity. Furthermore, its customization options are limited to muzzle and magazine attachments, offering little enhancement to its overall effectiveness. Powered by 5.56mm ammunition, the FAMAS demonstrates a moderate fire rate and damage per shot. Yet, its pronounced recoil and average rate of fire render it a challenging choice for mid-range confrontations. If your aim is to prioritize control and accuracy, alternatives such as the M416 and the Scar-L prove to be more efficient options.

4. Crossbow

Crossbow BGMI

Despite its inherent advantages, the Crossbow falls short of being the optimal weapon in various aspects. Achieving mastery with this weapon necessitates dedicated practice and familiarity with its unique projectile speed and drop. However, its efficacy diminishes in fast-paced gameplay or scenarios requiring swift engagements with multiple opponents. Additionally, the Crossbow suffers from limited ammunition capacity, with arrows being less abundant compared to other ammunition types. With each shot carrying weight, it becomes crucial to capitalize on opportunities to retrieve arrows from defeated adversaries or loot crates whenever feasible.

5. MK 47 Mutant


The MK47 Mutant stands tall as a formidable contender armed with 7.62mm ammunition in terms of Assault rifles. However, when pitted against its counterparts such as the M416 or AKM, it has a relatively slower fire rate. This characteristic poses a potential disadvantage in close-range encounters, where swifter-firing weapons can outmatch its performance. Although the MK47 Mutant boasts commendable damage per shot, its reduced rate of fire hinders its effectiveness in scenarios demanding rapid and sustained bursts of firepower.

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