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COD Warzone Mobile Season 2: All New Operators & Weapons

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With the new patch notes for Wazone Mobile Season 2, a slew of weapons and operators are coming your way.
Let us take a look at these weapons and operators of Warzone Mobile season 2 in detail.

A fresh set of weapons has made its way to Warzone Mobile Season 2. Season 2 of this Call of Duty title has sent ripples of excitement among the player base as they welcomed new content with open arms recently. There are a load of weapons, a new battle pass and a slew of updates that are ready to set this season ablaze.

In this article, we'll take a look at the operators and weapons that are coming this season.

Warzone Mobile Season 2: Release Date

The all-new Warzone Mobile Season 2 was released on 7th February 2024. The season is coming with an exciting battle pass, bringing in exciting weapons, operators, adjustments, and new events.

The game was recently soft-launched in select regions, including Germany and Malaysia, along with Sweden, Chile, Australia and Norway. It is speculated that the game will be available worldwide in a release window of spring 2024.

Warzone Mobile Season 2: New Weapons

The patch notes have gone into great detail about what's coming in season 2 of Warzone Mobile.

Four new weapons have joined the Warzone Mobile arsenal. These are the BP50 (MWIII) Assault Rifle, RAM-9 (MWIII) Submachine Gun, SOA (MWIII) Subverter Battle Rifle and Soulrender (MWIII) Melee Weapon.

BP50 (MWIII) Assault Rifle

BP50 (MWIII) Assault Rifle

It is a versatile bullpup rifle that uses 5.56 ammo. It has a rapid fire and pinpoint accuracy. Get ready to crush your opponents at medium to long distances. You can get this weapon through Battle Pass Sector B7.

RAM-9 (MWIII) Submachine Gun

RAM-9 (MWIII) Submachine Gun

This is a compact and swift bullpup submachine gun, featuring a 9mm ammo. It is perfect for close-quarters combat. You can unlock this via Battle Pass Sector B6.

SOA (MWIII) Subverter Battle Rifle 

SOA (MWIII) Subverter Battle Rifle 

This weapon has 7.62 rounds and rules mid to long-range combat. It has a steady recoil and its slower rate of fire makes it a reliable choice. Players can unlock it through weekly challenges.

Soulrender (MWIII) Melee Weapon 

Soulrender (MWIII) Melee Weapon 

This is a ceremonial blade that boasts razor-sharp slashes in close quarters. If you are looking for intense melee action, there is nothing better than this. This weapon will be available in-season.

Warzone Mobile Season 2: Operators

Kate Laswell and Blackcell John Doe have joined the Operator lineup in Warzone Mobile Season 2. Kate is a station chief in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. She is available on the battlefield as a playable operator who can be accessed through the Season 2 Battle Pass. Blackcell John Doe can also be acquired with the same process.

The BlackCell Operator Skins that are part of the battle pass are as follows:

  • John Doe

  • Rick Grimes

  • Kate Laswell

  • Soap

  • Alpine

  • Farah

  • Valeria

  • Price

  • Ghost (x2)

  • Riptide

  • Warden

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