COD: Mobile Weapon Tier List for Season 6 July 2023

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COD: Mobile Weapon Tier List for Season 6 July 2023


COD: Mobile

Old favorites have ascended in the COD Mobile Weapon Tier List for season 6.

As we enter the heart of Season 6 in Call of Duty (COD) Mobile - Templar's Oath, it's time to reassess the current weapon meta and determine the top contenders for this month. After careful analysis and considering the opinions of top creators, here is an updated weapon tier list for July 2023.

Unleash the Arsenal: The Definitive COD: Mobile Weapon Tier List for July 2023 


The S-Tier represents the cream of the crop, the weapons that dominate the battlefield. These are the guns you want by your side for maximum efficiency and firepower.

  • Kilo

  • SKS

  • UL736

  • Koshka

  • DRH

  • LK 24

  • PP 19

  • CBR

  • Cordite

  • OTS-9

  • QQ9

  • SVD

  • XPR

  • Switchblade

  • R9

  • EM2

  • Krig 6

  • Fennec

  • MX9

  • HVK


In the A-Tier, we find weapons that remain solid choices for any loadout.

  • Locus

  • M4LMG

  • Pharo

  • GKS

  • KSP 45

  • M21 EBR

  • BY15

  • MK2

  • Maddox

  • FFAR 1 Assault Rifle

  • KRM-262

  • HS0405


The B-Tier consists of weapons that may not outshine the S and A-Tier contenders but still offer a viable alternative.

  • Grau 5.56

  • Razorback

  • PKM

  • ICR-1

  • RPD

  • Striker

  • Holger 26

  • Kilo Bolt-Action

  • LAPA

  • Outlaw

  • HG 40

  • Dingo

  • S36

  • ASM10

  • M16

  • DL Q33

  • HDR

  • HS2126


The C-Tier introduces a range of weapons that still have their strengths but may require some additional finesse or specific strategies to excel.

  • Arctic .50

  • PDW-57

  • AS VAL

  • Hades

  • Chicom

  • JAK-12

  • SP-R 208

  • Peacekeeper MK2

  • BK57

  • RUS-79U

  • KN-44

  • Rytec AMR

  • Echo

  • FR.556

  • Chopper

  • AK117

  • Mac-10

  • QXR


Finally, in the D-Tier, we have a group of weapons that may require more effort to compete with the higher-tier choices.

  • Swordfish

  • M13

  • PPSh-41

  • M4

  • AGR 556

  • XPR-50

  • Type 25

  • NA-45

  • M4LMG

  • MK2

Remember, the effectiveness of each weapon ultimately depends on personal playstyle, skill, and individual preferences. Experiment with different loadouts and find the guns that resonate with your gameplay style.

As the meta evolves, this tier list will adapt to reflect the ever-changing landscape of Call of Duty Mobile. Stay tuned for future updates and keep refining your arsenal to dominate the battlefield.

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