COD Mobile Test Server: Gammon Grenade, Reactor Core, New Training Ground


COD Mobile Test Server Season 3: New Gammon Grenade and Training Ground Revealed

The COD Mobile test server for Season 3 has revealed a few interesting things.

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The COD Mobile Test Server for Season 3 is live and testers have found a lot of new items and features that will be released along with it.
A couple of interesting items revealed are the Gammon Grenade which is a lethal equipment and Reactor Core which is a new operator skill.
Along with this, it has also been found that the Training Ground will be undergoing a complete overhaul.

The Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) Test Servers for Season 3 are now live, resulting in players and content creators exploring it to find out upcoming features like new weapons, more maps, lethal equipment, operator skills, and many other things.

Players will be able to try out all these features once Season 3 goes live and check out how effective they are on the battlefield and which ones are the best suited to their playstyle.

In addition to this, players have an option to share their experiences both good and bad with the developers, providing them with proper feedback after thoroughly checking out the COD Mobile Test Server for Season 3.

All the testers can further convey their feelings and suggestions to the developers about the addition of new features that may be introduced into the future seasons of the game.

Here is a look at a few interesting features that were spotted in the test server of the third season - Gammon Grenade which is a lethal equipment, Reactor Core which is a new operator skill, and the existing training ground undergoing a massive overhaul.

COD Mobile Test Server Season 3: Full details of Gammon Grenade, Reactor Core, and Training Ground

As part of the COD Mobile Test Server for Season 3, testers have found some exciting new items, utilities, cosmetics, and overall gameplay changes that may prove to be a breath of fresh air for the players once it is officially released.

Here is a quick look at some of these upcoming changes like a new lethal equipment called Gammon Grenade, a new operator skill called Reactor Core, and the revamped Training Ground.

Gammon Grenade

This lethal equipment has been spotted on the COD Mobile Test Server and has been taken from Call of Duty Vanguard. This potent utility is extremely helpful in both multiplayer and battle royale game modes, as it gives opponents a really low chance of escaping the area of effect damage.

The gammon grenade has almost no delay between its time of impact and explosion, which makes it more efficient at dealing damage to opponents holed inside buildings or for flushing them out from behind a cover. This is also the key point that differentiates it from a regular grenade, which needs to be thrown with a better sense of timing.

Gammon Grenade in COD Mobile Test Server for Season 3

Reactor Core

This is a new operator skill that has been spotted on the COD Mobile Test Server for Season 3. As per its description, this ability will continuously emit radiation in an unspecified area for a certain duration which will burn enemies, inflicting some sort of a DPS (Damage Per Second) to them that also reduces their maximum health for a certain period.

While this ability may seem a bit too overpowered, its drawback is that once the duration ends or if players uses it continuously for too long, then they will be negatively affected as they will deal damage to themselves.

Training Ground

The training ground has undergone a massive overhaul and will now be housing bots for the players to practice against to hone their movement, aim, weapons, or anything else that they would like to improve upon.

Players will also have the ability to customize these bots as per their requirements and playstyle, helping all types of players practice with any kind of weapons without facing any problems.

While there is already a 'Players vs AI' game mode available in COD Mobile, there are certain parameters (movement speed, behaviour, etc) that players can set for these bots in the training ground which will provide them with a whole different experience.

These are some of the big changes that COD Mobile players can expect from the upcoming Season 3, once it is ready to be rolled out officially. More information about what this season might bring with it can be expected to be revealed soon.

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