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Carmilla in Mobile Legends: Guide, Skins, Item Build

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Carmilla in MLBB is one of the most underrated supports in the game.
She is a mage hero who can steal a portion of the enemy's defense making them receive more damage.
She also has an array of Crowd Control abilities that can definitely help secure kills for her team.

Carmilla in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most underrated supports in the game. She is a mage hero who can steal a portion of the enemy's physical and magical defense, allowing her to gain a bit of durability while also making enemies receive more damage. Aside from her ability to steal defensive stats, she also has an array of Crowd Control abilities that can definitely help secure kills for her team. Due to her wide variety of buffs and debuffs, she makes an excellent roaming support mage. You can read more about MLBB's roaming mage hero Carmilla below.

Mobile Legends Carmilla Build Guide

Carmilla Character Preview

Carmilla Character Preview


Carmilla Skill Descriptions

Carmilla relies on successfully hitting as many enemies as she can using her basic tricks or abilities. This allows her to steal a portion of the enemy’s defensive stats and use it against them.

Carmilla’s Passive, Vampire Pact allows her to steal 6-12 Physical and Magical defense from enemy heroes damaged by her attacks. It can stack up to five times and lasts for five seconds. This makes her quite tanky while simultaneously reducing her enemies' defense.

Crimson Flower, her first skill, summons two rotating flowers around her. If a flower hits an enemy, the rotation speeds up, healing her, and dealing magic damage to the enemy while slowing it by 10%, stacking up to 50%. This is why you should build her hybrid with a few tank items. To maximize your damage, you will want to stay as close to your enemies as possible.

Bloodbath, her second skill, allows her to increase her movement speed by 70% when her Bloodbath Energy is full. She can stun an enemy with her Bloodbath Energy as well as deal magic damage. The damage and stun duration will scale based on how much Bloodbath Energy she has when the skill is cast.

Her ultimate ability, Curse of Blood, allows her to cast a curse on an enemy hero, marking them and spreading the curse throughout the vicinity. The curse damages enemies and slows them by 80%. The curse can affect only three targets. In team fights, this will prevent the enemies from gathering or simply prevent them from escaping.

Best Item Build for Carmilla

The best item build for Carmilla in MLBB.

The best item build for Carmilla in MLBB.


As mentioned above, she is built to be a hybrid tank mage. Her roaming capabilities are also fairly decent which allows her to easily gank lanes and secure kills for her team.

Tough Boots allows you to gain tenacity, allowing you to reduce the effects of any crowd control effects.

Cursed Helmet allows you to continuously deal magic damage to enemies around you. This is perfect since you will always be sticking to enemies as much as possible and keep stealing their defensive stats.

Glowing Wand will further amplify your damage as it burns any enemy hit by your abilities, dealing continuous magic damage to them. This works well with your cursed helmet to double the amount of damage you are dealing by just going near enemies.

Dominance Ice gives you a decent 10% cooldown reduction for your abilities. But the main reason for building this item is because of its other passive ability. This item reduces the attack speed, shield, and healing received by enemies nearby. Perfect for heroes with high sustain and can counter healers like Rafaela and Estes.

Brute Force Breastplate will further make Carmilla tanky, allowing you to stay in fights longer and continuously annoy enemies with your crowd control effects.

Oracle will simply increase your health regeneration and shield power by 30%. Another item that will make you durable and hard to kill.

Carmilla Skins in MLBB

Carmilla "Phantom Countess" Skin Preview

Carmilla "Phantom Countess" Skin Preview


Carmilla hasn’t received many skins since her release in Mobile Legends. Currently, she only has four skins.

  • Shadow of Twilight (Default Skin): 32,000 BP or 599 Diamonds

  • Wisteria Countess: 269 Diamonds

  • Magician Girl (Elite Skin): 599 Diamonds

  • Phantom Countess (Special Skin): 749 Diamonds

Carmilla in Mobile Legends is a pretty strong support mage. However, due to how predictable she is and her very risky mechanic of sticking to enemies to be useful makes her quite less popular in pro play. This doesn’t make her one of the viable supports in the game as she can be dangerous when played right. Hopefully, this Carmilla guide will help you understand the hero’s abilities and item builds to use her efficiently in Mobile Legends.

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