Brawl Stars Wild Wasteland Challenge: Reward, Duration, How To Play, More


Brawl Stars Wild Wasteland Challenge: Reward, Duration, How to Play, More

Ready for the first event of Season 20?

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Brawl Stars has started Season 20: Back to Ranger Ranch with the Wild Wasteland Challenge, a new special event with unique rewards.
The event is around for only a week, giving players unlimited attempts to complete it.
Here is everything you need to know about the Brawl Stars Wild Wasteland Challenge.

Brawl Stars Season 20: Back to Ranger Ranch was released on 11th September and brought with it a whole set of changes including a new item called Supercharge which could impact how the game is played.

To celebrate this update, Brawl Stars has started Season 20 with the Wild Wasteland Challenge which offers a special reward to all players who are able to attain eight wins across different game modes.

While community members are well aware of how these game modes usually play out, they have been slightly modified to make things interesting.

Here are the complete details about the Brawl Stars Wild Wasteland Challenge including what reward it has to offer and how players can go about completing it.

Brawl Stars Wild Wasteland Challenge: Complete Details

A new challenge awaits to be completed, kicking off Brawl Stars Season 20: Back to Ranger Ranch in style. It is only around for a limited time but will be handing players who complete it a rather unique reward.

  • Golden Brawl Ball Event Start Date: 11th September

  • Golden Brawl Ball Event End Date: 18st September

  • Golden Brawl Ball Event Duration: Seven Days

Brawl Stars Wild West Challenge: How to Complete

A new challenge has arrived for community members to conquer. It consists of four stages of different game modes, each consisting of a special modifier.

In total, players need to win eight matches across four different game modes with unlimited attempts at their disposal to complete this challenge and secure the special reward.

  • Stage 1 - Gem Grab Game Mode

    • Map: Undermine

    • Modifier: Fast Brawlers

    • Rewards: First Win - 50 Coins | Second Win - 50 Bling

  • Stage 2 - Wipeout Game Mode

    • Map: Slayer's Paradise

    • Modifier: Graveyard Shift

    • Rewards: First Win - 50 Energy | Second Win - 100 Battle Pass XP

  • Stage 3 - Knockout Game Mode

    • Map: Goldarm Gulch

    • Modifier: Angry Robo

    • Rewards: First Win - 50 Credits | Second Win - 100 Coins

  • Stage 4 - Gem Grab

    • Map: Crystal Arcade

    • Modifier: Meteor Shower

    • Rewards: First Win - 100 Energy | Second Win - 200 Coins

  • Main Reward

    • Western Tumbleweed Pin

Brawl Stars Wild West Challenge: Rewards

Apart from this, there will also be a whole collection of skins called Wasteland Skins that will also be released over the course of the next few days for Cordelius, Willow, Hank, and Maisie.

All of these cosmetic items will be available in the shop, purchasable for all players either with Gems or Bling. So what are you waiting for? Get, Set, Grind!

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