Brawl Stars Season 19 Balance Changes: All Brawlers Buffed And Nerfed


Brawl Stars Season 19 Balance Changes: All Brawlers Buffed and Nerfed

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Aditya Singh Rawat
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Brawl Stars released Season 19: Enchanted Woods on 3rd July which has kept the community busy and entertained.
Many brawlers underwent balance changes, most of them received a buff while only one of them was nerfed.
Here is information about all the Brawl Stars balance changes that were made along with the Season 19: Enchanted Woods.

Brawl Stars released the ongoing Season 19: Enchanted Woods earlier this month on 3rd July. It presented the community with plenty of balance changes, skins, challenges, cosmetics, maps, game modes, and much more.

Talking about all the brawlers, it is quite a challenge for the developers to keep up with the ever-expanding roster and balance every single one of them perfectly. Hence, they keep rotating them around, applying incremental nerfs and buffs to see how the players adapt to the meta.

Here are all the balance changes introduced to selected brawlers along with the start of Season 19: Enchanted Woods.

All Nerfs and Buffs for Brawlers in Season 19 of Brawl Stars

A recurrent struggle that developers face every single season of Brawl Stars is striking a balance between the Star Powers and Gadgets that brawlers have at their disposal.

Usually, one of them takes a hit and players tend to ignore that aspect all together. Their goal this time around was to make both of them interesting and equally feasible so that both of them can be used in different builds and strategies.

Brawl Stars Season 19 Balance Changes: Buffs


  • Increase basic projectile speed

  • Reverse dash gadget direction

  • Star Power: Pinpoint Precision - Bonus Damage 10% to 20%


  • Star Power: Mad As Heck - Reload Speed 30% to 40 %

  • Gadget: Rotten Banana - Lost Health 40% to 25%


  • Star Power: Grounded - Stop Reload 3 to 5 sec


  • Star Power: Fake Injury - Damage Reduction (Full HP) 25 to 75%


  • Gadget: Fidget Spinner - Damage 1200 to 2000


  • Gadget: Combo Spinner - Damage 1300 to 1500


  • Gadget: Multiball Launcher - Damage 320 to 800


  • Star Power - Sealed With A Kiss - Healing 100 to 150


  • Gadget: Corn-fu - Damage 500 to 750


  • Gadget: Sleep Stimulator - Delay 2 to 1.5 sec


  • Star Power: Fertilize - Healing 800 to 1000

  • Gadget: Popping Pincushion - Damage 520 to 800


  • Gadget: Acid spray - Damage Penalty 20% to 10%


  • Gadget: Extra Sticky - Slow duration 2 to 3 sec


  • Gadget: Soul Switcher - Self Damage 15% to 5%


  • Star Power: Chain Reaction - Damage 10% to 20%


  • Gadget: Heat ejector - Damage 1200 to 2000


  • Gadget: Rattled Hive - Max Damage 600 to 1000


  • Gadget: Dancing Flames - Damage 500 to 1000


  • Gadget: Utility Belt - Healing 500 to 750


  • Star Power: Hard Candy - Damage Reduction 20% to 30%


  • Gadget: Crash Test - Damage 300 to 1000


  • Star Power: Fake Injury - Damage Negation 25% to 50%

Brawl Stars Maisie: Season 19 Balance Changes

Brawl Stars Season 19 Balance Changes: Nerfs


  • Star Power: It's Gonna Blow! - Move Speed 20% to 10%

  • You now see Hank in the bushes when he is charging his basic

Brawl Stars Hank: Season 19 Balance Changes

These are all the brawlers that have undergone a buff or a nerf along with Season 19: Enchanted Woods. It will be interesting to see how the upcoming meta shapes up in the due course of time as a result of these balance changes.

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