Brawl Stars Lily: Abilities, Gadgets, Star Powers, Trait, Stats, Release Date

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Brawl Stars Lily: Abilities, Gadgets, Star Powers, Trait, Stats,&nbsp;Release&nbsp;Date</p></div>

Brawl Stars Lily: Abilities, Gadgets, Star Powers, Trait, Stats, Release Date


Brawl Stars has released a new brawler called Lily who is part human, part plant, and part firefly.
Players can get their hands on this new character by purchasing the early access Lily Value Pack.
Here is everything you need to know about Lily, including her trait, gadgets, star powers, and more.

Brawl Stars has a new brawler in town, and players are more excited than ever before. The game underwent a short maintenance period on 23rd April 2024, following which, the new update was released.

Players with early access can get their hands on Lily on 25th April 2024, while others will have to wait a bit longer to experience this brawler.

Lily is a moderate health and moderate damage output brawler with a fascinating backstory. She has three-in-one attributes a human, a plant, and a firefly.

If you want to know more about Lily, how to get her, abilities, gadgets, and traits, then keep reading.

Brawl Stars Lily: Complete Details

Lily is part human, part plant, and part firefly. In the latest episode of Brawl Talk, information about Lily was released, letting fans know what they can expect from the new addition.

Lily is a Mythic Brawler who is part of Cordelius' crew. She can charge her Super passively by staying within close proximity of an opponent. She also has 1 ammo that charges superfast, allowing her to deal damage with speed.

Brawl Stars Lily: Price and Release Date

Lily is available as part of the early access bundle called the Lily Value Pack. It is available for $19.99 USD and can be accessed via the in-game store. There are other rewards that players will also get access to, including pins, power points, and coins.

Players can either purchase the early access bundle or wait patiently until Lily is released for free. She will be available for free on 2nd May 2024, as part of the Starr Road.

Brawl Stars Lily: Stats

Now let us take a look at the stats that Lily has.

  • Health Points - 8,400 (total)

  • Damage Output - 2,400

  • Movement Speed - 820 (regular), 943 (with Vigilance)

  • Range - 2 (Short)

  • Reload - 0.8 seconds (Very Fast)

  • Super Charge Per Hit - 25%

  • Projectile Speed - 3500

  • Attack Width - 0.67

Brawl Stars Lily: Trait

Lily has a special trait that creates a circle around her, extending 6 tiles. When there are enemy brawlers inside this circle, they help charge Lily's Super ability.

Each enemy speeds up the charging process by 6.75% every second. Otherwise, it takes around 15 seconds for one enemy to fully charge it. If there are several enemies nearby, Lily's Super charges even faster.

Interestingly, her Super still charges even if enemies are invisible or hiding in bushes. Allies of Lily can see each other's circles, but they remain invisible if enemy Lily is involved.

Brawl Stars Lily: Star Powers

Lily has the following Star Powers:


When Lily teleports to an enemy, her next attack gets stronger by 50%. But this extra damage only counts if she hits the closest single target.


When there is an enemy Brawler in the area where Lily's Super charges even her speed goes up by 15%. This boost does not get stronger if there are more enemies around, but it does work together with other speed boosts like the Speed Gear or Max's Super.

Brawl Stars Lily: Super

Lily's Super is called Flourish. It works when Lily throws out a large fruit. If it hits the opponent, then it allows her to immediately teleport behind the enemy Brawler's position and deal damage. But if she fails to hit the enemy with her Super, then the teleportation will not work.

Brawl Stars Lily: Gadgets

Lily has the following gadgets:


Lily disappears for 3 seconds into a Shadow Realm. She becomes invisible, but her teammates can still see where she goes. She cannot take anyone, allies or enemies, with her.

If Cordelius pulls a Brawler with his Super, she can use her gadget to briefly join them in the Shadow Realm for the fight.


With this gadget, Lily's next Super throw is a fruit that can go over obstacles. When it lands, she teleports and hurts nearby enemies, even if the fruit does not hit them directly.

This gadget does not change how much damage her Super does. When the gadget is activated, a symbol will appear above Lily's head, and her Super Joystick will glow. After using the Super, the gadget's cooldown starts.

This is everything you need to know about Lily, a nerd at heart and a total witchcraft buff, whose thirst for knowledge led her into the Enchanted Woods once upon a time, where an incident involving a firefly and a carnivorous plant changed her life forever.

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