Brawl Stars: All Timecodes and Security Logs from Starr Park CCTV

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Brawl Stars: All Timecodes and Security Logs from Starr Park CCTV</p></div>
Brawl Stars: All Timecodes and Security Logs from Starr Park CCTV


Developer Supercell has launched a mysterious website that takes you to security room 2E of Starr Park and gives access to CCTV footage containing sensitive information.
Entering these timecodes into the security console will help you uncover these mysterious events surrounding Starr Park.

Finnish developer Supercell has launched a mysterious site that takes you to security room 2E located in Starr Park in the Brawlverse. The room feels eerie and abnormal and it greatly increases your curiosity among other things. This interactive site puts you in the perspective of a security guard where you can access a few items on your desk, the key among being the Starr Park security system console and an open notebook containing security logs.

The security system grants access to archives and a Timecoder where you can punch in the exact time and date to uncover incidents that presumably occurred around the park. Without further ado, let’s delve into it and figure out what the fuss is all about.

All Timecodes for StarrPark CCTV 

As mentioned above, the Timecoder option present in the park’s security system console allows you to punch in the exact date, time, and second to uncover events that happened there. Although the devs have denied the occurrence of any strange events through a public statement video, entering these details will help you uncover dark and hidden secrets.

At the time of writing this video, these are all the timecodes that have been revealed:

  • 14/11/95 20:01:27

  • 11/11/95 18:17:12

  • 09/11/95 19:14:23

  • 07/11/95 11:28:02

  • 05/11/95 16:01:52

  • 04/11/95 15:36:22

If you look at the dates, you will notice that these events presumably occurred 28 years ago, in the year 1995.

Starr Park CCTV Footage and Security Logs Explained

The Starr Park security logbook located in 2E has entries starting from 2nd November 1995 and at the end of each day, you will find more logs being updated by a security officer named Rik.  At the time of writing, there are entries until 16th November. 

Taking a look at the security footage and the logbook reveals a lot about the strange events happening around the park. Although the CCTV contains some horrifying incidents, the logbook does not seem to take note of that and it mostly contains trivial information. Here’s a rundown of events that occurred from the 2nd to 16th November

2nd to 4th November

2nd to 4th November

Screengrab via AFK Gaming

The first 3 days of entries indicate that Rik is a new employee who finds the job too easy and boring. Although the first entry on 4th November contains encrypted letters which are struck out. They approximately say “PESLEECT PERTHEC”

The CCTV footage shows Leon, Mandy, Nita, and Poco where Nita and Leon are attempting to steal candy from Mandy’s stand, while Poco is simply entertaining the guests with his guitar.

5th to 10th November


Screengrab via AFK Gaming

Rik mentions the run-in with the “Juvenile delinquents” that occurred previously. The security on 5th November shows Jacky and Dynamike in an underground gem mine which explodes and causes pinkish gems to shatter all over the place. Dynamike is immediately mesmerized by them. This incident is entered in the logbook the next day, stating that there was a major explosion in the mines.

On 7th November, we witnessed footage of Dynamike waiting for his burger at Bull’s diner while carrying a bag full of these gems. He suddenly becomes agitated and runs from the place while dropping one gem behind. Bull touches it and instantly becomes hyperactive, switches into his Brawl Stars costume, and jumps on tables. This is reported the very next day stating that there was an “ interesting activity” at Bull’s diner last night.

Bull’s diner

Screengrab via AFK Gaming

The footage on 9th November showcases the diner again where Nita and Leon are stealing the gem from Bull. Leon instantly becomes invisible upon touching it. Bull notices them and fires his shotgun, causing Leon to flee the scene with Bull chasing him. Nita stays back at the diner and becomes enraged upon touching the gem.

The log on 9th November states that there are suspicious activities happening around the park, ending with the question “Is Mercury in Retrograde?”. The next entry simply says “Note to self: Don’t touch the terrifying glowing rocks”

11th to 16th November

11th to 16th November

Screengrab via AFK Gaming

CCTV footage on 11th November shows the invisible Leon dropping the gem into Poco’s guitar case. Poco merely glances at it and immediately turns into his skeleton form and starts blasting lasers at the crowd who are understandably terrified.

The logs from 11th November to 13th November subtly mention the aftermath of this horrifying incident. The log says “The employee cafeteria is going to be awkward tomorrow” which is followed by “ A lot to discuss at the water cooler today” for the next day’s entry.

The final footage on 14th November shows Dynamike running into Shelly and dropping his bag of gems. Shelly picks one up and immediately shoots and presumably kills him. She pulls his body into a bush and the clip ends abruptly.

This incident is foreshadowed in the logs where Rik sneaks out of work and hopes that nothing crazy happens that night. The next day’s entry states that there is a dead guy in the bushes but Rik is not even bothered to deal with it.

The final entry on 16th November says “ Hopefully no one finds out about this”. Turning to the next page shows a drawing of Rik who is enraged and pulling his hair out.

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