BGMI x Bugatti Collaboration Event: How to Unlock Skins, Rewards, and More

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BGMI x Bugatti



The BGMI x Bugatti Collaboration Event in Battlegrounds Mobile India allows players to unlock exclusive Bugatti-themed skins, rewards, and more.
To unlock the Bugatti skin, players can participate in the 'Speed Drift' event by spending UC.
If a player can unlock all six cars, they can get a unique Masterpiece variant for free.

Krafton, the developer of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), recently announced a collaboration event with French automobile manufacturer Bugatti for an in-game event in the popular Battle Royale title. The BGMI x Bugatti Collaboration Event, which runs from 20th June to 6th August, allows players to unlock exclusive Bugatti-themed skins, rewards, and more.

How to unlock Bugatti in BGMI

To unlock the Bugatti in BGMI, players can participate in the 'Speed Drift' event located in the Events section of the game. 

The event features various Bugatti skins for the RB Coupe in different colors and models. Players will need to spend in-game currency (UC) to obtain these exclusive vehicle skins. The event also introduces Bugatti Lucky Badges, which can be obtained by accelerating (spins). Bugatti Lucky Badges will be needed to unlock the Bugatti car and skins.

While the normal acceleration is free, it doesn't guarantee a Lucky Badge. This is because free accelerations tend to fail more often, resetting the player's acceleration level to the start. Thus, the developers have also included an "Accelerate Safely" option that requires an increased amount of UC. Here's a look at the different levels and the amount of UC required:

  • Start: 60

  • Speed 1: 60

  • Speed 2: 180

  • Speed 3: 500

  • Speed 4: 1000

  • Speed 5: 2500

  • Speed 6: 5800

  • Speed 7: 7200

However, success is not guaranteed for every acceleration. Obtaining a successful acceleration depends entirely on luck, and players might face failures in a single level before reaching the next level. There might be a possibility that players would need to spend a lot of UC to get the Bugatti skins. Players can even send the skin as a gift to their in-game friends, which can be later used by them.

Bugatti Skins and Their Prices 

Here's a list of the various Bugatti skins and their price in the new Speed Drift event in BGMI:

  1.  BUGATTI La Voiture Noire

  • Classic (Black) - One Bugatti Lucky Badge

  • Alloy (White) - One Bugatti Lucky Badge

  • Warrior (Red) - Three Bugatti Lucky Badges

  1.  BUGATTI Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse

  • Default (Blue) - One Bugatti Lucky Badge

  • Gold (Gold and Black) - One Bugatti Lucky Badge

  • Shining (Rainbow and Black) - Three Bugatti Lucky Badges

A unique Masterpiece variant will unlock when all six cars are redeemed. This Masterpiece variant is available for free and is considered one of the rarest skins in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

BGMI Bugatti Masterpeice.


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