BGMI UC UP Event: How to Get 2x Bonus UC

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UC in BGMI is an in-game currency which is used to open crates for premium rewards and also draw rewards from exclusive events.
The UC UP event offers players a chance to get a guaranteed rebate of 480 UC and more than 2x UC rebate on other UC purchases.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers various kinds of rewards through its events and crates. For players to receive these rewards, they are required to spend the in-game currency. There are different types of currencies in BGMI like Battle Points (BP), Silver Fragments, Ace Gold (AG) and Unknown Cash (UC). UC is used to open Classic and Premium Crates as well as draw rewards from exclusive events. It is also used to purchase special event crates which include upgradable weapon skins as well as character outfits.

UC UP event in BGMI detailed

The UC UP event in BGMI is a unique event where players are guaranteed a rebate of a certain amount of UC. Players will also get a Bonus UC Pack after purchasing a certain amount of UC which contains an unknown amount of UC rebate. The event went live on 8th February and will end on 18th February.

These are the rebates foe the UC in the event:

  • Purchase 60 UC and get 60 UC rebate.

  • Purchase 300 UC and get 200 UC rebate.

  • Purchase 600 UC and get 220 UC rebate.

  • Purchase 1500 UC and get UC UP Bonus Pack 1.

  • Purchase 3000 UC and get UC UP Bonus Pack 2.

  • Purchase 6000 UC and get UC UP Bonus Pack 3.

  • Purchase 12000 UC and get UC UP Bonus Pack 3.

  • Purchase 18000 UC and get UC Fortune Pack.

These are the UC rebates available in the UC UP Bonus Packs:

  • UC UP Bonus Pack 1: 220 UC, 320 UC, 420 UC, 650 UC, 900 UC.

  • UC UP Bonus Pack 2: 300 UC, 450 UC, 600 UC, 1050 UC, 1500 UC.

  • UC UP Bonus Pack 3: 400 UC, 650 UC, 900 UC, 1600 UC, 2300 UC, 300 UC.

  • UC Fortune Pack: 1200 UC, 1800 UC, 2400 UC, 3000 UC, 4800 UC, 6000 UC.

UC Fortune Pack


There are a total of six packs of UC available to purchase in BGMI and they are as follows:

  • 60 UC: This pack will cost ₹89.

  • 300 UC + 25 UC (Bonus): This pack will cost  ₹449.

  • 600 UC + 60 UC (Bonus): This pack will cost ₹899.

  • 1,500 UC + 300 UC (Bonus): This pack will cost ₹2,099.

  • 3,000 UC + 850 UC (Bonus): This pack will cost ₹4,199.

  • 6,000 UC + 2,100 UC (Bonus): This pack will cost ₹8,500.

UC UP Bonus Pack 1


Benefits of purchasing UC in BGMI:

  • UC can be used to open Crates and get new skins for characters, vehicles, weapons and more.

  • It can be used to send Popularity to your in-game friends and help them climb the Popularity charts.

  • It can also be used to purchase the Royale Pass, which has a number of premium rewards.

Players who buy 1500 UC or more will receive the bonus pack but each player may not get the same amount of UC and the number of UC received will be different for every player.

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