BGMI Scree Shake Trick: How Effective is it to Connect More Headshots?



BGMI Screen Shake Trick: How Effective is it to Connect More Headshots?

Learn the truth about screen shake!

Ahsan Kabir
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In mobile battle royale games like BGMI and PUBG: Mobile, players are always looking for techniques to improve their close combat accuracy and get more headshots. One technique that has gained popularity is the "screen shake" method, where players intentionally shake their device's screen during gunfights.

But does this shaking motion actually help with accuracy and headshots, or is it just a visually impressive gimmick? In this article, we'll explore the two main types of screen shake, forced and natural, and examine their effectiveness in improving gameplay skills.

The Two Types of BGMI Scree Shake Trick

There are two types of screen shake in mobile battle royale games like BGMI and PUBG: natural screen shake and forced screen shake.

Forced screen shake is when a player intentionally shakes their screen by maximizing the Third-Person Perspective (TPP) gyro sensitivity to 400% and vibrating their hand by holding the device or rapidly tapping the screen. This creates an exaggerated shaking effect on the screen.

Forced Screen Shake: Visually Appealing but Inaccurate

While forced screen shake can create visually appealing clips and montages by adding motion blur, it is generally not recommended for normal gameplay. Most players find their accuracy decreases when trying to aim, move, and shake the screen forcefully at the same time. The excessive shaking tends to mess up their aim, unless aim assist is turned on to help with targeting enemies.

Normal vs. Screen Shake Accuracy

Normal vs. Screen Shake Accuracy in BGMI

Natural Screen Shake: Developing Speed and Reactions

On the other hand, natural screen shake is achieved by simply playing at a faster pace and increasing the speed of movements and reactions. As players get used to reacting quickly to situations and wiping out squads rapidly, a subtle natural shake appears on the screen.

The Key to Headshots

This natural screen shake does not directly increase headshot percentage or overall accuracy. However, it is beneficial as it helps develop muscle memory for fast reactions, quick decision-making, and rapid aim transfers between targets. To unlock this skill, players should grip their device tightly for stable hip-firing and spraying while playing with aim assist off. This forces them to improve their crosshair placement and speed.

In conclusion, while forced screen shake can create visually appealing clips, it is generally not recommended for improving gameplay. Instead, players should focus on developing a natural screen shake by increasing their overall speed and reaction time.

Headshots ultimately depend on proper crosshair placement on the enemy's head, not the screen shake itself. Screen shake should only be used for close-range hip-firing between 5-10 meters, as excessive shaking at longer ranges will likely lead to inaccuracy and deaths.

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