BGMI Account Return: What Happens to Your Account and Inventory? All You Need to Know


BGMI Data Transfer

BGMI Return: What Happens to Your Account and Inventory? All You Need to Know

Ahsan Kabir
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Yesterday, the Indian gaming community was blessed with the news of the return of their favourite mobile battle royale - Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). However, little has been shared by the officials on how the title will be modified to meet the guidelines set by the Indian government. As the servers went offline yesterday, a lot of confusion has emerged surrounding these changes and players are worried whether their account data is in danger.

For those who are unaware, Krafton has put a detailed notice inside the game that clearly states that the data of every player including their skins, stats and progression are safe and this is merely a server maintenance as the developers push the new changes into the title.

Krafton’s notice on BGMI Account Data

The in-game message that players can read when they open BGMI now reads:

“Hello BGMI fans! BGMI servers will be unavailable for a while to come up with a better and bigger experience. While we are working to give you a seamless experience, your account will be safe, and your progress till now will be retained. We will keep you informed of further developments and the release date through our social media platforms. With all this, you’re all geared up for a power-packed adventure! Remember to play responsibly! Game on! See you in the Battlegrounds!”

Krafton's notice on Server 

So Krafton has essentially confirmed that players accounts are safe and will be retained when the game makes a full return. Player’s inventory and the progress they’ve made so far in the game will also be retained and restored when the game returns.

This is not the first time that concerns regarding account data were raised. After the title’s initial ban in 2020, Krafton had arranged a safe data migration process to BGMI servers where mostly all players were able to retrieve their account. In case your data is not transferred or you are unable to log in, players can always reach out to Krafton using the support portal on their official website.

However, if you are under 18 years of age, things might get a bit complicated for you this time. As per the updated privacy policy of Krafton, players who are below 18 are to provide their parent’s phone number so that their guardians make a call whether the data of their children may remain in BGMI’s database or not. If the parents decide they are against it, your account may get blocked and you might be unable to play your game. In-case the child provides someone else’s mobile number instead of their parents’, their parents can always reach out to Krafton and ask the officials to remove the data of their child from the servers.

This is to align with the government's interests as it has already cleared its stand stating that it won’t tolerate data mismanagement and child endangerment. The government will also closely monitor the game’s operations and its effect on the youth for the coming three months. Following this period, they will ultimately decide whether the game should remain on the Indian app stores or not. 

With the best interest for the community, Krafton is making sure that every step fares well for its players and there’s no reason to believe that your account data will get lost in the way.

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