BGMI: Reasons Why the Honey Badger is the best 7.62 in the Game



BGMI: Reasons Why the Honey Badger is the best 7.62 in the Game

Ahsan Kabir
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With an extremely high rate of fire, the Honey Badger delivers lethal damage rapidly up close; with a predictable vertical recoil pattern.

The Honey Badger assault rifle is an often overlooked weapon in BGMI, but it packs an impressive punch in the right situations. With the right attachments and tactics, the Honey Badger can outperform any other regular firearm in close-quarters combat. So in this article, we take a deep dive into the arsenal to figure what advantages you can reap by mounting this gun.

The Class Leader in Damage?

At first glance, the Honey Badger seems underpowered next to contemporaries like the AKM, M762, and Ace 32. Its damage per shot is lower than these other 7.62 assault rifles. However, what the Honey Badger lacks in pure damage it more than makes up for with an extremely fast rate of fire - a blistering 16% faster than the AKM. This speed allows it to pour out rounds quickly, and when we look at overall damage per second, known as DPS, the Honey Badger far surpasses the others at 497 DPS. For putting multiple shots on target rapidly, a high DPS often translates directly to lethality.

Mastering the Honeybadger's Recoil pattern

Controlling recoil can make or break a weapon, and few match the Honey Badger's predictable, mostly vertical pattern. Horizontal sway, which is much harder to compensate for, is extremely low in the Honey Badger. This makes its iron-sight rise straight up during continuous fire. Compared to more erratic guns, managing the Honey Badger's upwards recoil is simple. Sprays stay accurate and shots consistently land on target.

The Hip Fire King

But it’s in close-quarters where the Honey Badger truly dominates. No rifle can match its hip fire capabilities as shots connect like a laser beam during hectic run-and-gun fights. Even without aiming down sights, its accurate hip fire neutralizes enemies swiftly. Coupled with the fastest reload speed amongst its counterparts at just 2.2 seconds, the Honey Badger keeps you constantly ready and firing.

The Disadvantages of using the Honeybadger

There are some tradeoffs of course. Slower bullet velocity compared to 5.56 rifles prevents sprays at extreme distances. And while versatile, most 7.62 rifles work best for short to medium range only. But when kitted out properly and used to its strengths, few guns can equal the Honey Badger's impact inside its intended combat spaces. Its combination of stellar fire rate, damage per second, hip fire accuracy and fast handling creates a complete close-quarters powerhouse. For those that leverage these attributes fully, the Honey Badger stands tall as one of BGMI’s most dominant yet underutilized weapons.

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