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Missions in BGMI are a way to earn RP which can be redeemed for Royal Pass rewards like weapons and vehicle skins, character costumes and more.
There are different kinds of missions in the Royale Pass and every mission offers different amounts of RP.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) provides its fans with some amazing in-game rewards for completing missions. The rewards keep changing as and when the new Royale Pass arrives and grants unique rewards. To redeem these rewards players need to have Royale Points (RP). 

There are several ways in which RP can be earned such as opening crates, completing daily missions, challenge missions and weekly missions. These points then can be redeemed for rewards in the Royale Pass. In this article we will look at the “Climb over obstacles 10 times in Classic Mode” mission and how you can complete this mission to earn 100 RP points.

Obstacles location for Climb Over Obstacles 10 times in Classic Mode Mission

The Climb over obstacles 10 times in classic mode mission is an Elite Pass mission and although players will be able to complete the mission, to receive the RP from the mission they will have to purchase the Elite Pass.


  • Pochinki: Pochinki has numerous compounds and players can use the walls and fences to climb over.

  • Mylta Power Plant: The Mylta Power Plant has several walls, fences and pipelines which players can use to climb over. 

  • Sosnovka Military Base: The Military Base also has big buildings which have walls and fences and can be used by players to climb over.


  • Camp Alpha: The upper Island on the map of Sanhok has the Camp Alpha location which offers numerous walls and fences which can be used to climb over.

  • Ruins: Although ruins is a smaller place compared to other locations, it offers numerous broken walls, fences and small wreckages which can be used to climb over.

  • Paradise Resort: The Paradise resort also has numerous walls and fences that can be used to climb over.


  • Pecado: Pecado is a huge city and has multiple buildings, containers and fences which can be used by players.

  • Hacienda del Patron: It has a large number of broken walls, towers and fences which can be used to climb over. 

  • Los Leones: It is the biggest city on the map of Miramar and provides different kinds of structures that can be used to climb over.


  • Volnova: It has walls, fences, and little structures that can be used to climb over.

  • Dino Park: As the name suggests Dino Park has various obstacles including walls, rocks and fences which can be used to climb over. 

  • Castle: It is situated in the center of the map and offers different kinds of structures that can be used to climb over.



Follow these steps to complete this mission and earn 100 RP points: 

  • In Ranked or Unranked Classic mode choose the map of your choice. It is recommended to choose either Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok or Vikendi.

  • Drop on the locations suggested above.

  • Players will see the obstacles on these locations and can climb over them to complete the mission.

  • Players will need to climb over the obstacles 10 times in order to complete the mission.

  • Players must keep an eye on the missions page and track their progress.



If all these steps are followed correctly the mission will be completed. Repeat the same process ten times in total to receive 100 RP. It is to be noted that this mission can be completed in Ranked as well as Unranked mode. Players are recommended to complete missions in the Unranked mode so as to avoid losing Ranked Tier points.

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