Best Phones for Playing Mobile Legends (November 2023)



Best Phones for Playing Mobile Legends (November 2023)

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To play Mobile Legends without lag and have the best possible graphics, players need to have devices that features a 60-90 FPS frame rate.
Players who are looking for an ML gaming phone will need to consider the specs and battery life as well as the price of the device.
Here are the best phones for playing MLBB from expensive but powerful down to budget but reliable devices.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the rising mobile gaming titles in the world. However, to play the game without any issues, players must have a phone that can properly run the application. Fortunately, ML is designed to smoothly run on almost all budget phones. The game is highly customizable and can be tweaked to either further increase performance or improve its graphics for a stunning visual experience. In this article, we'll explore the best phones for playing Mobile Legends in November 2023, taking into consideration performance, display quality, battery life, and other key factors that can impact your ML gaming prowess.

5 Best Mobile Devices to play MLBB with no lag

There are various mobile devices available in the market that offer the best features to play Mobile Legends. Here are the top five recommended phones that will provide players with the best experience while playing ML.

1. ROG Phone 6D Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Edition - ( Around ₱31,995 or $570 USD)

As one of the top gaming phones in the market, the ROG Phone 6D delivers a lot of interesting features for hardcore ML players. The phone can run the game at the highest graphics settings without performance issues thanks to its powerful MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ processor. It also features a built-in cooling fan so the device won’t overheat during extended gaming sessions.

2. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (Around ₱81,990 or $1,460 USD)

As one of the latest flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra not only offers a high-performance gaming experience for Mobile Legends players, but it also contains features that can be used in your day–to–day life. The 5,000 mAh battery also promises you can keep playing on the go for long periods.

3. iPhone 14 Pro Max (Around ₱71990 or $1,282 USD)

Despite being a year older, the iPhone 14 Pro Max stands as a powerhouse when it comes to gaming. The Apple A15 Bionic Hexa Core Processor and the 6.7″ QHD screen with a 120Hz refresh rate provide players with the most smooth gaming experience. 

4. Tecno Pova 5 (Around ₱7,999 or $142 USD)

If you are looking for a budget ML gaming phone, the Tecno Pova 5 offers a lot for a cheaper price. It features a long-lasting 6,000 mAh battery that ensures you will be ready anytime for your squad’s gaming sessions. The six-inch screen with a 120Hz screen refresh rate also ensures you have a wide vision of the game, enough to provide you with the map awareness needed in MLBB.

5. Infinix Note 30 5G (Around ₱9,499 or $169 USD)

Another budget ML gaming phone that offers a lot of convenient features for a cheap price. The Dimensity 6080 processor offers the stable performance that ML players need. As an added bonus, the Infinix Note 30 5G has one of the highest-quality stereo speakers available for budget phones as it was made in collaboration with JBL, one of the iconic sound system companies in the world.

Aspiring gamers aiming to excel in their Mobile Legends journey should prioritize a device that can seamlessly handle at least 60 to 90 FPS gameplay. Opting for a smartphone equipped with this high frame rate capability is essential to guarantee a consistently smooth and lag-free gaming experience. 

Keep in mind that it's not just the frame rate that matters; other critical factors like the processor and battery life must also be taken into consideration. The processor's raw power ensures that the gameplay remains swift and responsive, while a robust battery life ensures you can keep the action going without interruptions. These elements collectively contribute to maintaining the fluidity and responsiveness required for flawless Mobile Legends gameplay.

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