Best Names for BGMI in August 2023

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Here is a list of unique names for BGMI players to use and stand out from other players.
The following suggestions may help you choose a unique name for yourself.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a battle royale game which provides players with amazing matches one after another. BGMI’s graphics and features are one to look out for and its popularity in the Indian region says a lot about the game. The game’s simple to understand features and gameplay make it easy to play not only for young players but also older players.

Choosing a name for yourself in the game is as important a task as any. A unique name makes you stand out from other players. Although choosing a unique name is important, the name should also be easy to remember. Choose a name that reflects your personality or playstyle. 

If a player becomes a professional athlete in BGMI he/she must have such a name which is easy to remember for the fans and the viewers.

Here is a list of unique names for BGMI

There are some great names available for players to use. Here are some unique names that you could consider:

  • FireFLY

  • Nick Fury

  • Gromit

  • Woody

  • Martin Blank

  • Star-Lord

  • Gollum

  • Wolverine

  • Dr. King Schultz

  • Axel Foley

  • ★彡[ᴠɪᴛᴏ ᴄᴏʀʟᴇᴏɴᴇ]彡★

  • ▄︻┻═┳一κɪɴɢ

  • Captain BGMI

  • Gandalf

  • The Terminator

  • Peter Parker

  • BGMI Bhaiyaa

  • Baburao Ganpatrao Apte

  • Sardar Khan

  • Faizal Khan

  • Chatur Ramalingam

  • Chhotu Kanungo

  • Chatur Sharma

  • Phunsukh wangdu

  • Balmukund Chapri

  • Mogambo of BGMI

  • Murali Prasad

  • Chellam Sir

  • Godzilla

  • Spiderᴍan

  • Ironᴍan

  • Insane Odin

  • Candy Girl Pro


  • Sc͢͢͢คrℓeτ

  • Chåɽɱıng Pẘīŋcē

  • BulletKing

  • ΞυηκηοωηΞ

  • Verified JAnu

  • Gun Digger

  • Acid Queen

  • Video Game Heroine

  • Cool Whip

  • Claudia Clouds

  • Princess of BGMI

  • Agent_47

  • Assassin 007

  • Assaulters

  • Bad soldier

  • Badßoy

  • Bloss flop

  • Brash Thugs

  • Brute Fact

  • BʌdTämêêz

  • ʜʌʀʌɱi Bʌcʜʌ

  • Lone_Ranger

  • ɮɽʌŋɖəɖ ӄʌʍəəŋʌ

  • ℓ๏˅€ hµяţ$

  • Mŗ Romantic

How to change your name in BGMI

How to change your name in BGMI 

  • Step 1: Open the BGMI game on your phone

  • Step 2: Tap on ‘Inventory’ from the menu at the bottom.

  • Step 3: Select the ‘crate’ icon which is on the right side.

  • Step 4: Next, you need to select the ‘Rename Card’ and tap on ‘Use’.

  • Step 5: Enter a new name and click ‘OK’.

Always try and choose a name which suits your persona and your gameplay. An easy to remember name will help your fans and viewers easily identify and remember you.

A unique name will also help you impress other players on the server. In the near future if you plan on streaming, having a unique name is great as it helps you to build your brand and people can easily remember you. 

Also once you set a name in BGMI it cannot be changed. To change your name you would need to have a rename card. The rename card can be obtained from Royale Pass or by completing missions in game.

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