Best MK14 Loadout for BGMI: Complete Attachment Setup

Umesh Borkar
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The MK14 is a DMR which can be used in full auto mode compared to other DMRs.
The MK14 is an Air Drop weapon and can be used in close as well as long range battles.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers its players unique features. One such feature is the Air Drop which has utilities and special weapons. The Air Drop has weapons such as Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM), Mark 14 (MK14) Enhanced Battle Rifle, MG3, Groza and Armee Universal Gewehr (AUG) A3. Each Air Drop weapon is unique in its own way and is dangerous if used with the right attachments.

What is the best MK14 loadout for BGMI?

The MK14 is one of the most powerful drop weapons in BGMI. It is one of the few weapons which supports the 8x scope attachment but it can also be used in auto mode in close range fights. Generally Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) can only be used in single taps, but the MK14 is one such DMR which can be used in full auto mode. In this article we will look at the best attachments for the MK14.

These are some of the best attachments for the MK14:

  • Muzzle - Compensator.

  • Stock - Cheek Pad.

  • Scope - 8x (Long range), Red Dot (Close range).

  • Magazine - Extended Quickdraw Magazine.

The MK14 uses 7.62 ammunition and has higher recoil. The Compensator attachment will allow you to reduce the recoil while shooting at long range and secure finishes. The 8x scope will allow players to secure long range knockouts or finishes with precision. The Cheek Pad Stock attachment allows you to maintain stability while shooting. The most important attachment will be the Extended Quickdraw Magazine as the basic magazine only holds 10 bullets and players will require more bullets if they wish to use this weapon in close range fights.

These are some of stats of the MK14:

  • Damage - 61.

  • Rate of Fire - 84.

  • Range - 77.

  • Magazine Size - 10 (without extended magazine).

  • Recoil - 84.

  • Reload Speed - 3.6 seconds.

  • Ammunition - 7.62mm.

The damage of the MK14 is what makes it one of the most dangerous weapons in long range as well as close range engagements. If players wish to use the weapon in close range they must use the extended magazine as it will allow you to have more bullets. The only drawback of the MK14 is its recoil. Its recoil is high compared to other 7.62mm ammunition weapons.

The MK14 overall is one of the best weapons in BGMI because of its utility at varied ranges. Players who want to use the MK14 should use the above given attachments as it will be easier for them to master the weapon.

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