Best KRM-262 Attachments in COD Mobile


Best KRM-262 Attachments in COD Mobile

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The KRM-262 is a pump-action shotgun featured in COD Mobile.
Here is a guide on the KRM-262 in COD Mobile and its suggested loadout and perks.

Using the best KRM-262 Attachments in COD (Call of Duty): Mobile will allow players to optimize the weapon to its full potential. Despite multiple shifts in the meta, the shotgun remains one of the fan favorites due to its immense firepower in mid to close-ranged combat.  However, it takes a bit of practice to learn how to use the KRM-262 in COD Mobile. This is due to the accuracy issues with shotguns when it comes to long-ranged fights. Equipping the best KRM-262 Attachments in COD Mobile will definitely make the weapon easier to use and much more accurate if you prefer a “one shot, one kill” approach in combat.

What is the KRM-262 in COD Mobile?

The KRM-262 is a pump-action shotgun featured in various Call of Duty game franchises. In COD Mobile, the gun can be devastating with a one-hit kill potential with the right loadout.

The gun is perfect for players who prefer to be up close and personal when fighting enemies. The downside of this shotgun is that it is terrible in long-range combat due to its wide bullet spread.

What is the meaning of KRM in COD Mobile?


Best KRM-262 loadout attachments in CODM

Here is the recommended loadout for the KRM-262 in CODM;

  • Muzzle: Marauder Suppressor

  • Laser: MIP Laser 5mW

  • Barrel: Extended Barrel (+2)

  • Stock: RTC Steady Stock

  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

The Marauder Suppressor is a must-have for increased accuracy in long-range combat, less bullet spread, and a bit of suppression. The MIP Laser 5mW improves hip-fire accuracy and sprinting speed while firing the weapon. Extended Barrel for more ammo capacity before needing to reload. The RTC Steady Stock and Stripped Grip Tape improves your ADS bullet spread accuracy and mobility. 

As for the perks for the KRM-262 in CODM, players can pick Dead Silence, Lightweight, and Quick Fix. Considering the shotgun is quite heavy, having this set of perks allows for swift movement as well as a bit of stealth and healing. 

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