Best Krig 6 Attachments in CODM

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Best Krig 6 Attachments in CODM


The Krig 6 in CODM is one of the most flexible assault rifles in the game.
Weapon attachments for the Krig 6 in CODM vary depending on the game mode you are playing.
Here is a guide on the best Krig 6 attachments in CODM.

Using the best Krig 6 Attachments in CODM (Call of Duty: Mobile) can help a player gain more advantage in matches. Since the Season 9: Zombies Are Back update, the assault rifle has taken the community by storm with a lot of players using it in various game modes. With its remarkable accuracy and high damage output, the Krig 6 in CODM has become one of the top-performing weapons in the game. With a massive selection of attachments, the gun is one of the most flexible assault rifles in the game. To maximize its effectiveness, here are the best Krig 6 attachments in CODM for various game modes.

Best Krig 6 Loadout for CODM Battle Royale

In battle royale, the focus is on maximizing damage range and accuracy. Mobility takes a backseat, allowing for a more powerful and precise weapon build. 

Here's the recommended loadout:

  • Barrel: QWC Marksman

  • Optic: Tactical Scope

  • Laser: Aim Assist Laser

  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Foregrip

  • Ammunition: Large Extended Mag B

The QWC Marksman barrel takes center stage in this loadout, significantly increasing damage range and reducing vertical recoil and ADS (aim down sight) bullet spread. The Tactical Scope provides magnification for engaging enemies at various distances. The Aim Assist Laser enhances bullet spread when aiming down sights, while the Field Agent Foregrip improves overall accuracy. For increased ammunition capacity, the Large Extended Mag B is the ideal choice.

Best Krig 6 Loadout for CODM Standard Multiplayer

When it comes to standard multiplayer modes, maintaining mobility while enhancing damage range and accuracy is crucial. Here's the recommended loadout:

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor

  • Barrel: QWC Marksman

  • Optic: Classic Red Dot Sight

  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Foregrip

  • Ammunition: Fast Extended Mag

To strike the perfect balance, the Agency Suppressor muzzle is added to reduce vertical recoil by 10% and provide a silenced effect, keeping you off the enemy's mini-map. The Classic Red Dot Sight offers improved visibility over the default iron sights. The Field Agent Foregrip enhances accuracy, while the Fast Extended Mag provides additional rounds without sacrificing mobility.

With the best Krig 6 attachments in CODM, the weapon can be a force to be reckoned with. Its exceptional accuracy and high damage output make it a go-to choice for many players. By customizing your Krig 6 loadout to suit different game modes in COD Mobile, you can maximize its potential and dominate the battlefield. 

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