Best Guns That Can Do the Most Damage in BGMI

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AKM, DBS, AWM and Groza are some of the weapons which deal the highest amount of damage in BGMI.
Weapons like AKM and Groza deal the most damage but also have high recoil so players should rigorously practice with them in order to hit shots with precision.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has various kinds of weapons. Assault Rifles (ARs), SubMachine Guns (SMGs), Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), Sniper Rifle, Pistols, Melee, Light Machine Guns (LMG), Shotguns, Throwables and Crossbow are the different types of weapons in BGMI. Each category of weapons has a gun which is the most dangerous and deals high damage. Players can use a combination of different close range and long range weapons to achieve success and secure the chicken dinner.

Guns that can do the most damage in BGMI


MG3: The MG3 is the newly introduced LMG in BGMI and is also one of the best LMGs currently. It is the only weapon in BGMI which can be used in different shooting modes. The 660 speed mode allows a player to shoot bullets in bursts in mid range fights. The 990 speed mode allows a player to fight in close range. It uses 7.62mm ammunition which also helps to deal more damage.

These are some of the stats of MG3:

  • Damage: 40.

  • Rate of Fire: 86

  • Range: 57.

  • Magazine Size: 75.

  • Recoil: 76.

  • Shooting Modes: 660 and 990.


AWM: Arctic Magnum Warfare (AWM) is one of the best Sniper Rifles in BGMI. It is an AirDrop only weapon which says a lot about the weapon. It works best when used with an 8x scope and suppressor. The 8x scope helps to eliminate enemies in the long range with precision.

These are some of the stats of AWM:

  • Damage: 105.

  • Fire Rate: 1.85/seconds. 

  • Magazine: 5 (without extended magazine).

  • Ammunition: .300 Magnum.


AKM: The AKM in BGMI is one of the most preferred close range weapons by players as well as esports athletes. Its damage and fire rate is what makes it one of the best close range weapons. It also uses 7.62mm ammunition which helps to deal high damage.

These are some of the stats of the AKM:

  • Damage: 48.

  • Fire Rate: 0.1/seconds.

  • Magazine: 30 (without extended magazine).

  • Ammunition: 7.62mm.

  • Shooting Mode: Single Tap and Auto.


DBS: DBS has recently become one of the best close range weapons in BGMI. It was an AirDrop weapon in the past but now can be found with the regular loot. Its magazine capacity combined with its damage allows a player to clutch out of any situation.

These are some of the stats of the DBS:

  • Power: 95.

  • Rate of Fire: 79.

  • Range: 13.

  • Magazine Size: 14.

  • Recoil: 44.

  • Reload Speed : 4 seconds.

  • Ammunition: 12 Gauge.


Groza: Groza in BGMI is also an AirDrop weapon. Its fire rate and damage are the highest when compared to other ARs. Players who want to win close range fights with ease should pick up the Groza whenever they find one. It uses the 7.62mm ammunition which is the best to deal the most damage in close range battles.

These are some of the stats of Groza:

  • Damage: 45.

  • Fire Rate: 0.08/seconds.

  • Magazine: 30 (without extended magazine).

  • Ammunition: 7.62mm.

  • Shooting Mode: Single Taps and Auto.

Players who wish to master the weapons mentioned above should rigorously practice with them. The weapons which deal the most damage in BGMI generally have high recoil, especially weapons which use 7.62mm ammunition and players will require practice to hit their shots with precision.

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