Best DL Q33 Attachments in COD Mobile

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Best DL Q33 Attachments in COD Mobile



The DL Q33 is a well-rounded sniper rifle in COD Mobile.
Here is a guide on the best DL Q33 Attachments in COD Mobile and what perks you can use.

Using the best DL Q33 attachments in COD (Call of Duty) Mobile will improve the weapon’s performance and allow players to effectively use it. The gun already has decent accuracy and firepower compared to other sniper rifles. However, with the right DL Q33 Attachments in COD Mobile, the weapon’s effectiveness improves even more. Due to its well-rounded stats for a sniper rifle, it remains one of the best weapons in the game, especially in high-skill competitive game modes. Here is a guide on the best DL Q33 Attachments in COD Mobile and what perks you can use to maximize the weapon’s performance in games.

Best DL Q33 loadout attachments in CODM

Here is the recommended loadout for the DL Q33 in CODM;

  • Barrel: MIP Light

  • Stock: YKM Combat Stock

  • Laser: Tactical OWC Laser

  • Magazine: Extended Mag A

The perks above will increase the weapon’s efficiency and further increase its accuracy with a laser and an extended magazine. This allows players to stay in combat for longer periods without the need to reload, be more accurate, and not waste many bullets. While the above attachments will lessen the weapon’s range, the added mobility will compensate, making you quite deadly on the battlefield as you move around fast.

Best DL Q33 Loadout Perks in CODM

To complement the best DL Q33 attachments in CODM, equip the following perks;

  • Agile: Aiming time of weapons after sprint reduced by 85%.

  • Toughness: Reduces player flinch when being shot 60%.

  • Dead Silence: Silent movement

The Agile perk will allow players to quickly aim their weapons after sprinting. This is important, considering a sniper rifle’s fire rate is quite slow, and every second counts when aiming for a shot. Toughness will allow you to mitigate the flinching animation when you get shot, making your shots more accurate. Dead Silence will simply make you quite stealthy and less likely to get spotted by enemies.

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