Best Build for Lucario in Pokemon Unite


Best Build for Lucario in Pokemon Unite: Carry Items, Battle Items and Moves

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The best build for Lucario in Pokemon Unite takes advantage of his high mobility and fast attacks.
Using the right combination of items like the Attack Weight and Muscle Band will allow you to shred even tanks with high health pools.
Healing becomes less important as you level up and you should focus on his mobility to dodge all incoming damage.

Lucario is one of the most popular characters in Pokemon Unite since its launch. It has a melee playstyle with a high attack speed that allows you to overwhelm your opponent. To get the best build for Lucario in Pokemon Unite, you will need to have the right mix of items and abilities. We will explore one of the best builds for Lucario in Pokemon Unite but it is subject to change over time as TiMi Studios adds more Pokemon or puts out balance patches. Here is how you can get the best build for Lucario in Pokemon Unite with the right abilities and items.

Best carry items for Lucario in Pokemon Unite

The best build for Lucario in Pokemon Unite makes use of two popular items, which include the Muscle Band and Attack Weight. If you have a third item slot unlocked you will also be able to use the Float Stone for more mobility.

Muscle Band

It is a must-have item that allows your Lucario to deal more damage against enemies with high health pools. It enables him to shred tanks with ease, regardless of their HP numbers.

Attack Weight

While Attack Weight is situational at first glance, any Lucario player focused on scoring goals will be able to take advantage of its perk. If you want to take advantage of the best build for Lucario in Pokemon Unite, you need to be scoring goals as it will give you a massive attack damage bonus.

Float Stone

This item is needed only when you have the third carry item unlocked as it adds some attack damage and a lot of mobility which allows you to outmaneuver your opponents.

Best battle items for Lucario in Pokemon Unite


Considering the aggressive nature of the Pokemon, you should be carrying heals below level 11. Upon activating it, you will get a burst of health to help you keep fighting without worrying about your HP.

Eject Button

This is the best item when you are above level 11 as it allows you to get incredible mobility. This makes healing far less essential as you will be able to dodge damage very easily if you are quick on your toes.

Best moves for Lucario in Pokemon Unite

The best build for Lucario in Pokemon Unite takes advantage of several moves that are a cut above the rest.

Level One – Quick Attack

Quick Attack is the best starting move for Lucario as it enables you to get Meteor Mash at level three.

Level Five – Power-up Punch

While it does not fit his high-mobility playstyle, Power-up Punch allows you to deal massive amounts of damage and it is easy to land against slower Pokemon.

Level Seven – Bone Rush

Bone Rush is the best option for you if you expand on Lucario’s high mobility playstyle. But if you are looking for tons of burst damage, Close Combat might be just as good for a slower playstyle.

Level Nine - Aura Cannon

Aura Cannon is one of the best ultimate moves that allow you to prevent enemies from fleeing or assist teammates at long range with burst damage.

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