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BGMI has various categories of weapons which can be used in close, mid and long range battles.
SMGs and LMGs are weapons which can be effective in close combat whereas AR’s are used in mid to long range fights.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has various categories of weapons like Assault Rifles (ARs), SubMachine Guns (SMGs), Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), Sniper Rifle, Pistols, Melee, Light Machine Guns (LMG), Shotguns and more. Each category of weapons has a gun which can be used in close as well as long range fights. Players will have to use a combination of different close range and long range weapons to achieve success and secure the chicken dinner.

Best BGMI Gun Combo for close and long range fights

M416 and AKM:

The M416 and AKM is one of the classic combinations used by professional players as well as highly skilled players. Both of the weapons are from the ARs category and can be mastered with a little practice. The M416 uses 5.56mm ammunition and is effective in mid to long range fights where the AKM uses 7.62mm ammunition and is one of the most dangerous weapons in close combat.

M416 and AKM

M416 and UMP45:

A couple of years ago when the UMP45 SMG was given a buff, many esports athletes started to use it as a primary weapon in close combat fights and replaced the AKM with it. The UMP45 uses .45 ACP ammunition and when used with a SMG suppressor muzzle attachment, any close range fight can be won with ease. The M416 along with the UMP45 is one of the best combos and is being used in competitive scenarios as well.

M416 and UMP45

DP-28 and AKM: 

The DP-28 is a LMG weapon which uses 7.62mm ammunition and is the most effective in mid to long range fights. The damage and size of the magazine which holds 47 bullets makes it a deadly weapon which can knockdown or finish multiple enemies with ease. The AKM on the other hand also uses 7.62mm ammunition and can be used in close range combat. The only downside of using the DP-28 and AKM combo is that both the weapons have a high recoil and players need to practice with these weapons, especially the DP-28, regularly in order to have stability while spraying bullets in long range.

AKM and DP-28

Scar-L and Mini14:

The Scar-L is a good replacement for the M416 AR. It uses the 5.56mm ammunition and can be used to spray bullets in mid to long range fights. The Mini14 also uses 5.56mm ammunition and being a DMR, it can be used in single taps to knockdown or finish enemies in the long range. This combo can mainly be used in bigger maps like Miramar where there are more mid and long range fights and the Mini14 plus 8x scope combo can be used to eliminate enemies.

Scar-L and Mini14

M249 and AWM:

The Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM) is a Sniper Rifle and a special weapon in BGMI which can only be found in the Air Drops. It uses a .300 ammunition and is the most dangerous Sniper Rifle in BGMI. It can be used in mid and long range combat and can destroy level 3 armor and helmets with ease. The M249 is an LMG which was also found in Air Drops but it is now found with the regular loot. It uses 5.56mm ammunition and its magazine size can be extended to go upto 150 bullets. Its magazine size combined with its high fire rate makes it a great weapon in close range fights.

M249 and AWM

Players who wish to master the weapons mentioned above should rigorously practice with them. The weapons which deal the most damage generally have high recoil, especially weapons which use 7.62mm ammunition and players should practice with these weapons to hit their shots with precision.

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