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Apex Legends Mobile: Best Guns to Use

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends Mobile's best guns are almost the same as the PC and console version's meta weapons.
The increased aim assist on mobile makes a lot of weapons feel more reliable.
The R-301, Car and Kraber are our top three picks for best weapons in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile is now available and if you have played the PC or console version of the game, you will notice that the guns feel a lot different. The aim assist is a lot stronger on mobile compared to controllers on PC or console, which makes the weapon meta in the new game unique. If you are looking for the best guns to use in Apex Legends Mobile, here are our top recommendations.

Best Guns in Apex Legends Mobile

Here are our picks for the best guns in Apex Legends Mobile.

R301 - Carbine

The R301 Carbine is arguably the most well-rounded weapon in Apex Legends Mobile. The weapon has minimal recoil and if you get a high-tier barrel stabilizer, you will be able to take enemies down from long distances with ease. The weapon performs well even without any attachments and pairing it with a 2X or 3X HCOG sight will increase its ease of use for ranged combat.

Kraber 0.50 Cal Sniper

The deadliest weapon in the game is undoubtedly the Kraber. It is a care package weapon that can one-shot in almost all situations. It is the only weapon in the game that can turn the tides of a match on its own if you can land your shots. If you spot the weapon in the care package, you or one of your teammates should always pick it up.


The Car is the only weapon in the game that can use two ammo types. It is currently the strongest SMG in the game, and it can outperform even the popular R-99. Unlike the R99, the weapon performs better at mid-range and its time-to-kill (TTK) is one of the lowest in the game.


It is the most satisfying shotgun to use if you can time your shots and be accurate with it. It can take down most enemies in two hits if you land all the pellets. Choking its spread can allow you to put out decent damage even at longer distances.

Devotion LMG (Turbocharger and attachments)

If you get your hands on a Devotion with a Turbocharger and some attachments to increase its ease of use, it can outperform any full-auto weapon in the game in the right hands. If you grab one with a Turbocharger it is easily one of the best guns to use in Apex Legends Mobile.

Some of the other great options that you should pick up include the Volt SMG, Charge Rifle, Mastiff, Flatline, R99, and the Flatline. These are among the best guns to use in Apex Legends Mobile and we recommend trying all of them out to see what suits your playstyle the most.

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