A Preview of New Mobile Legends Hero Floryn's Abilities

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A new support hero named Floryn has been revealed by Moonton in the 5th Anniversary teaser video.
The new hero can be acquired for free through the upcoming Anniversary event.
Floryn is a support healer that can both heal allies and damage enemies. She can also amplify allies' basic stats through her passive skill.

The new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Floryn is expected to arrive soon in the game. Moonton has teased this hero in the 5th Anniversary video where they gave players a glimpse of the upcoming major event in Mobile Legends. The new hero features a global healing ultimate ability which can be very useful for protecting allies who are on the other lanes. The new Mobile Legends hero Floryn also has a unique passive that gives one of her allies an item that increases their stats as the game progresses. She also holds a few crowd control abilities while also damaging enemies while healing her allies.

Upcoming Mobile Legends hero Floryn: Abilities revealed

Floryn has been in the advanced server for quite some time. Her abilities revolve around healing allies while also damaging nearby enemies who are caught by her healing abilities. Her biggest asset is her passive which gives one of her allies a special item that does not consume an inventory space. This item grants the wielder passive bonus stats that grow in power as the game progresses.

New Mobile Legends hero Floryn can be unlocked for free through the upcoming 5th Anniversary event in the game, alongside the new skin for Miya called “Moon Priestess.”

Floryn Splash Art Preview

Here is a sneak peek of the abilities of the new Mobile Legends hero Floryn;

Passive: Dew

Floryn carries Dew’s Lodge, the Lantern of Hope with her. This item cannot be sold and will accumulate energy every time Floryn hits an opponent using her skills. Dew and Lantern of Hope can both evolve after full energy.

When at the Fountain (Base), Floryn can share the Lantern of Hope’s power with an allied hero, granting them an extra equipment slot where the special equipment will be placed. The equipment takes effect after Lantern of Hope evolves.

Dew is her cute little familiar. Her Lantern of Hope will be a game-changer as it can further amplify the capabilities of other core heroes, thanks to its bonus stats.

1st Skill: Sow

Floryn casts an Energy Seed at the designated enemy, dealing Magic Damage. Healing fruits will then spawn and bounce off the enemy to nearby allied heroes, each fruit restoring a certain amount of HP.

Sow is a good healing ability that can be very viable for trading blows with enemies. Floryn can heal her allies while also dealing damage to nearby enemies which can be very annoying during team fights.

2nd Skill: Sprouts

Floryn borrows Dew's power and casts a blob of energy in a designated direction, dealing 225 / 280 / 335 / 390 / 445 / 500 Magic Damage to the enemy hit. The energy will then smash the area behind the enemy, dealing 225 / 280 / 335 / 390 / 445 / 500 Magic Damage to enemies in the area and stunning them.

This is a very powerful crowd control ability for Floryn. The area of effect stun can be very useful in team fights where enemies will be cramped in a small area.

Ultimate Skill: Bloom

Floryn's life force resonates with Dew's, healing all allied heroes 5 times within 4s (ignores distance). The overflowing energy will also deal 200 / 230 / 260 Magic Damage to nearby enemies each time the healing takes effect.

This healing ability offers both utility and damage for Floryn and her allies. The healing will help allies no matter where they are on the map while also dealing a decent amount of magic damage to enemies around her allies.

New Mobile Legends hero Floryn is definitely a welcome addition to the support hero pool of the game. Her healing and damage potential can be very deadly against enemies. Her passive can help core heroes perform better in their role and increases the chances of securing kills during ganks. It will be interesting to see how Floryn can change the meta of Mobile Legends, especially in the esports scene.

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