Free Fire All Upcoming Events in June 2021: Dates, Rewards, Detailed Information

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  • Garena has a lot of content and events in store for Free Fire players through the month of June.

  • The highly anticipated Free Fire OB28 Update went live yesterday on June 8, but still a lot of content is yet to go live in the coming weeks.

  • Check out information on all the upcoming Free Fire events for June 2021, what they have to offer, and when are they releasing.

Garena has a lot planned for all the Free Fire users in the month of June, with events such as Rampage: New Dawn, Pet Rumble, Dragon Gate Event, and more. This does not include the highly anticipated Free Fire OB28 Update which released yesterday on June 8. The new major update brought with it a lot of new things like Ranked Season 7 which goes live today, Pet Rumble, changes to Clash Squad, new gameplay features, multiple optimizations, and more. While all these changes are truly exciting, there is a lot more content the developers have in store for all the Free Fire players through the month of June, which is bound to keep the users thrilled while rewarding them for their participation.

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All Free Fire Upcoming Events: June 2021

There are a lot of upcoming Free Fire events that will be releasing in the month of June. Here is a list of them so you do not miss out on any of them and prepare yourself for the grind.

Dragon Gate Event

This small and simple event was released by Free Fire on June 4. There are a total of eight rewards to be won as part of the Free Fire Dragon Gate event which are as follows,

  • Dragon Gangster Bundle

  • Aurous Dragon SCAR box

  • Mythological Ride skateboard skin

  • Dragon Lair backpack skin

  • Draconic Invasion parachute skin

  • Lunar New Year 2020 banner

  • Cube Fragment

  • Auspicious Aura

Free Fire All Upcoming Events in June 2021: Dates, Rewards, Detailed Information

All Dragon Gate Event Rewards

All that a player needs to do is choose a prize that they want out of the eight available. There will be two cards on the screen, one will hold the item selected by the user while the other will have another random item from the available list.

Now players have to choose a card and claim their rewards, the first toss is free while subsequent rolls will cost a certain amount of Diamonds. Every player should give this event a try as the first chance is totally free and maybe you are lucky enough to bag the ‘Dragon Gangster Bundle’.

Rampage 3.0 - New Dawn

The third campaign under the Rampage series is back once again for the third year running as Free Fire announced ‘Rampage: New Dawn’ a few days back. This event is set to begin from June 18 onwards, featuring some great cosmetic items and a special limited-time game mode.

The cosmetic items available with this campaign are Shadow Earthshaker Bundle, Volcanic Whirlwind Skyboard, and Earthshaker Stomp Pan. Out of which the ‘Shadow Easrthshaker Bundle’ is being distributed free to all Free Fire players after they log in and successfully complete a set of missions during the course of the campaign.

Free Fire All Upcoming Events in June 2021: Dates, Rewards, Detailed Information
The 4 Heroes - Rajah, Drake, Aurora, Speedy (left to right)

The limited-time Rampage 3.0 game mode will be released a few days later on June 26. It will follow the classic Battle Royale game mode with a slight twist in the form of special runes. The players will be able to pick certain runes across the map which will unlock special attributes for their characters. By gaining more experience and levelling up to unlock more attributes, players will be able to unlock the skills of all four protagonists. There are a total of 20 different attributes, giving players an opportunity to explore the best possible combination.

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Free Fire × McLaren Collaboration

On May 25, Free Fire had announced a collaboration with renowned British motor racing team McLaren. As part of this collaboration, McLaren car skins, Gloo Wall skins, outfits, surfboards, and even emotes are going to be released in Free Fire and will be available from June 8 onwards.

Though no more official information is available on this at the moment, some data mining leaks have pointed out that some of these cosmetics might be making their way through the Top Up Event, Token Tower, and Step Up Event, respectively.

Free Fire x Street Fighter V Collaboration

On June 1, Free Fire had announced a collaboration with Street Fighter V following a partnership with Capcom to bring a lot of Street Fighter content into the game such as Ryu and Chun-Li making their way into Free Fire.

They will be bringing along with them a lot of exclusive contents and rewards such as,

  • Ryu backpack
  • Ryu ice
  • Chun-li package
  • Ryu set
  • Chun-li set
  • Lobby tree
  • T-shirt Ryu
  • Granada Hadouken
  • Ryket Special Royale Ticket
  • Mag-7 Chun-li
  • Mp5 Chun-li
  • Emote Hadouken

The above has not been officially announced and the information has been obtained through data miners. There is no release date announced so far, but this is expected to go live soon.

Pet Rumble

The much talked about Pet Rumble game mode is now live from today onwards June 9, following the OB28 Update. This is game mode has heavily been inspired by Among Us and includes other mini-games as well. It has another complex layering to it as players are able to use certain types of gadgets to obstruct their opponents or help their teammates. Definitely a fresh addition to Free Fire that players can enjoy till it lasts.

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