Wild Rift Katarina Build Guide: Runes, Items and Skills


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Wild Rift Katarina Build Guide: Runes, Items and Skills

John Dave Rossel
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  • This Wild Rift Katarina build guide for runes, items, and skills will help you play one of the strongest melee mage champions in the game.
  • Her skill cooldown is reduced when she gets a kill. With the right combo, you can easily dominate every match.
  • Here is our guide on Katarina and how to play her efficiently in Wild Rift.

This Wild Rift Katarina build guide for runes, items, and skills will help you play one of the strongest melee mage champions in the game. Katarina is a melee mage assassin for Mid Lane. She can reduce her skill cooldowns with each enemy takedown which makes her a very powerful assassin during team fights. Despite her easy-to-use mechanic of “spamming as many skills as you can,” she has a very high skill ceiling. Pulling off the correct combo will allow her to dominate the match and make her even more unstoppable. If you’re looking for a Wild Rift Katarina Build Guide, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is our Wild Rift Katarina build and guide on how to play her efficiently in LoL WR.

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Pros and Cons of Katarina in LoL WR

Solo Carry Potential
High Skill Ceiling to Maximize Potential
Can Snowball Very Hard
Easy to Cancel Ultimate Skill
Good Team Fight Contribution
Needs Kills to Hit Power Spike
Easy to Use, Rewarding to Master
Easily Killed By Other Assassins

Wild Rift Katarina Build Guide - Skill Description


Here is a quick rundown of her skills. Katarina is at her best when she successfully gets enemy takedowns to activate her passive and reduce her skill cooldowns. However, if she gets immobilized, she is very easy to kill. 

Katarina Champion Preview

Skill Priority:  On your first three levels, unlock all three of your basic skills. The standard skill sequence should start with maxing out Katarina’s 1st skill as soon as possible. Followed by her 3rd skill, then lastly, her 2nd skill. Always upgrade her ultimate whenever it’s available.

Passive: Voracity

For every enemy takedown, all of her ability cooldowns are reduced by 15 seconds. Every time Katarina picks up her dagger, she slashes at all enemies around her dealing magic damage. Always keep an eye out for your skills, every time you get a kill, almost all of your skills will be refreshed so you can keep bursting everyone. 

1st Skill: Bouncing Blade

Throws a dagger that can hit and bounce up to two enemies before dropping on the ground. Katarina can pick up the dagger to deal even more damage, so make sure you pick it up if you can.

2nd Skill: Preparation

Throws a dagger in the air and gains a massive movement speed bonus. You can use this to chase down opponents or pickup another dagger to activate your passive again and deal damage around you. 

3rd Skill: Shunpo

Blink on a nearby dagger or unit, dealing magic damage to the nearest enemy. Picking up a dagger reduces the cooldown of this Shunpo. This is what makes her powerful, you can surprise enemies by blinking near them and get a kill or use it to escape enemies as you can also blink on an ally champion. 

Ultimate: Death Lotus

Rapidly spins around and throws a blade at the three nearest enemy champions dealing magic damage and applying Grievous Wounds (Reduce healing rate by 50%). Katarina can move slowly while spinning for up to three seconds. Use this if you’re sure you won’t be immobilized by enemies, as this skill can easily be canceled with just one stun. 

Katarina Build: Mage Assassin

Rune: Electrocute, Gathering Storm, Spirit Walker, Mastermind

Katarina Build Overview

Katarina focuses on activating her passive as much as she can pull off long and deadly combos. Start with Hextech Gunblade and Gluttonous Greaves with Quicksilver Enchantment to remove crowd control effects on you. 

Grab a Morellonomicon to prevent enemies from healing too much and Void Staff for the extra magic penetration. 

Finish your Katarina Build with Rylai’s Crystal Scepter to gain a passive slow effect on your skills and Rabadon’s Deathcap for the massive magic damage boost. 

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Katarina is one of the LoL WR champions that are easy to play but very hard to master. You can easily spam your skills when you get a kill. However, it takes time and patience to get the right combo that can help you maximize her potential. Hopefully, this Wild Rift Katarina Build Guide can help you master this mage assassin champion in the game.

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