Wild Rift Malphite Build: Runes, Items and Skills


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Wild Rift Malphite Build: Runes, Items and Skills

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  • This Wild Rift Malphite build guide for runes, items, and skills will help you play one of the most flexible tanks in the game.
  • Malphite can be played as a mage tank or durable tank.
  • Here is our guide on Malphite and how to play him efficiently in Wild Rift.

This Wild Rift Malphite build guide for runes, items, and skills will help you play one of the most flexible tanks in the mobile MOBA game. Malphite is a tank that can be played on all roles except the marksman role. He can be played as a mage tank or durable tank specializing in team fights while also dealing with consistent damage through his 2nd skill, “Thunder Clap” which turns his basic attacks into splash damage. If you’re looking for a Wild Rift Malphite Build Guide, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is our guide on Malphite build and how to play him efficiently in Wild Rift.

Pros and Cons of Malphite

Just like every champion in Wild Rift, Malphite has his fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Here are the most notable pros and cons when playing Malphite.

Good at Engaging
Very Weak When Countered
Counter for Channeling Skill Champions
Weak Against Heavy Mage Teams
Great Team Fight Potential
Needs Team to Followup When Engaging
Durable Mage
Difficult Decision Making Before Engaging

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Wild Rift Malphite Build Guide


Here is a quick rundown of his skills. Malphite works well when his teammates follow his lead. Once he engages, there’s no going back, so Malphite must rely on his team to follow up and start a team fight. It’s either you win a teamfight and they will appreciate you or lose the teamfight and they point their fingers at you. 

Malphite Champion Preview

Skill Priority:  On your first three levels, unlock all three of your basic skills then you can focus on upgrading Malphite’s 1st skill to help you trade blows with the opponent. Use your 1st skill wisely as it costs a lot of mana. Followed by his 3rd skill, then lastly, his 2nd skill. Always upgrade his ultimate whenever it’s available. 

Passive: Granite Shield

Malphite gains a shield equal to 10% of his max HP when he doesn’t take any damage for 8 seconds. A pretty simple passive, but if you build a full tank Malphite, you will be an efficient bullet sponge for your team. 

1st Skil: Seismic Shard

Your main poke skill. It is an auto-target skill, so you don’t have to aim, which makes this skill very useful. However, it costs a lot of mana, so use it wisely. 

2nd Skill: Thunder Clap

Passive Effect: Malphite gains bonus armor based on his current armor stat.

Active Effect: Malphite’s basic attacks will deal additional splash damage for a few seconds. This skill is powerful but requires you to be in melee range all the time which is not the best way to poke your enemies.

3rd Skill: Ground Slam

Slams the ground to deal AoE damage and reducing the attack speed of enemies hit. Very useful against attack speed-reliant champions like marksman or assassins. The AoE damage is also an added bonus as it deals a lot of damage in an area.

Ultimate: Unstoppable Force

Charges to a targeted area dealing a ton of magic damage and knocking enemies up. This is what makes Malphite very strong. The knock-up can be used to combo with champions like Yasuo who needs enemies to be knocked up in order to cast his ultimate skill. Always save your ultimate for situations that you can hit multiple enemies.


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Malphite Build: Full Tank

Runes: Grasp of the Undying, Weakness, Spirit Walker, Manaflow Band

The Runes for Tank Malphite Build

As a tank, your main goal is to be as durable as possible. Start with Iceborn Gauntlet followed by Mercury’s Treads with Teleport enchant to help you reduce the CC effect from enemies. 

Add in Sunfire Aegis for an AoE burn effect and Thornmail for extra durability and slight DPS. 

Depending on the situation, you can buy Force of Nature against mage champions or Randuin’s for marksman and assassins. 

Finish your build with Guardian Angel for that extra life since you’ll be engaging a lot, and you won’t have any means of escaping, so you will eventually die a lot. 

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Malphite  Build: Burst Mage Tank

Runes: Electrocute, Gathering Storm, Regeneration, Manaflow Band

Runes for Burst Mage Tank Malphite Build

If you feel like your team doesn’t need a very durable tank, you can go for a burst mage tank build. Start with Luden’s Echo With Ionian Boots of Lucidity with Stasis Enchant for a slight cooldown reduction. 

Follow it up with Awakened Soulstealer for the scaling damage every unique takedown and Infinity orb to add more damage against enemies with low HP. 

If you manage to reach the late game, purchase Rabadon’s Deathcap and Void Staff to add more kick to your skills. However, it is advisable to end a game before late game as Burst Mage Malphite often falls behind compared to other burst mages in the game. 

Malphite is a very powerful mage tank. However, he simply lacks mobility which makes him very vulnerable to ganks or enemy ambushes. However, if you make the right call, Burst Mage Malphite can definitely wipe out an entire team with his ultimate skill. Hopefully, this Wild Rift Malphite Build Guide can help you master this tank champion in the game. 

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