SS meaning in Mobile Legends: 30 Essential Gaming Terms That You Should Know About



SS meaning in Mobile Legends: 30 Essential Gaming Terms That You Should Know About

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  • A lot of players are not familiar with the term "SS" in Mobile Legends.
  • SS means Special Skill, commonly used by players when they are referring to their ultimate skills in Mobile Legends.
  • Here are more essential gaming terms in Mobile Legends.

The meaning of SS in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is “Special Skill.” This Mobile Legends gaming term is widely known by the most experienced players in the game, but that is not always the case for new players. The term isn’t limited to the mobile MOBA game either, as it is commonly used by other mobile esports titles and sometimes interchanged with the term “Ult” which means ultimate skill. To help players who are not familiar with the common gaming terms in Mobile Legends, we have compiled a list of the most essential gaming terms that players should know about. These gaming terms in Mobile Legends will prove to be useful when communicating with your team in every match.

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Mobile Legends Abbreviations and Terminology

Essential Gaming Terms Commonly Used in ML

  1. ️ADR / ADC - Attack Damage Range / Attack Damage Carry, referring to Marksmen heroes.
  2. ️FF - Forfeit, Surrender
  3. AA - Auto-attack, Basic Attack
  4. OM - Only Mid, this strategy pours the concentration on the mid lane to pressure the enemy team.
  5. ️TH - TowerHug / Turret Hug, stay inside an ally turret’s range.
  6. ️TD - Tower Dive, risk going inside an enemy turret to secure a kill.
  7. BD - To attack the enemies’ structures without the cover of ally creeps.
  8. ️Brush/Bush - A tall grass in MLBB which causes a hero to be invisible when inside it.
  9. ️Farm - Earning gold and XP in the game. This is usually best done by killing a lot of creeps and jungle monsters. 
  10. Feeder - An ML player who dies constantly and giving the enemy team the kill advantage.
  11. ️Harass - to annoy the enemy with small bursts of damage, often forcing them to recall back to base.
  12. Silence - A debuff that prevents any abilities from being used by a MLBB hero.
  13. ️Snowball - The act of getting powerful (usually from getting fed) to the point where you become unstoppable.
  14. Segway - A strategy which someone in your team pushes in another lane while enemies are busy dealing with other lanes.
  15. ️SP - Split Push, similar to segway.

General Gaming Terms used by other Mobile Esports Titles

  1. ️GG / GGWP - Good Game or Good Game Well Played, commonly typed after a match.
  2. ️AFK - Away From Keyboard / Keypad
  3. ️CC - Crowd Control, are skills and abilities that can disable enemies.
  4. ️SS - Special Skill, Super Skill
  5. ️Ult - Ultimate skill
  6. ️KS - Kill Steal, Kill Secure
  7. ️CD/CDR - Cooldown / Cooldown Reduction
  8. Buff - Special effect that can increase a hero’s stats.
  9. MMR - Matchmaking Rate, a value that determines the skill level of each player.
  10. ️️Comeback - When you are on the losing side but manage to turn the tables and win.
  11. ️️Stun - A debuff that prevents any action by a unit.
  12. ️Burst - To deal a lot of damage to an enemy in a single shot or skill.
  13. OP - Overpowered, when someone or something is too powerful for the game.
  14. TP - Teleport
  15. Adjust - Do a specific role that the team is lacking.

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Now that you know the meaning of SS and other essential gaming terms used in MLBB, you should be able to communicate properly with your team and understand terms and act accordingly. These can be very useful in situations where you don’t have enough time to type long words for your team to understand. 

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