Mobile Legends Diamonds: Here's How to Get Them



Mobile Legends Diamonds: Here's How to Get Them

John Dave Rossel
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  • These diamonds can be used in purchasing cosmetics like hero skins, emotes, recall effects, or for events like a raffle, and skin draw events.
  • Here are ways you can obtain ML Diamonds in the game.

Diamonds are one of the most useful currencies in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. These diamonds can be used in purchasing cosmetics like hero skins, emotes, recall effects, or for events like a raffle, and skin draw events. Though these diamonds can be purchased using real-world currency, they are very scarce in the game and are often only given for free through very special events and surveys provided by Moonton. This is why players will grab every opportunity they can get just to earn diamonds in the game. To help MLBB players, here is a guide on how to get Mobile Legends diamonds.

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What are Mobile Legends Diamonds?

ML Diamonds are premium in-game currencies used to purchase almost anything in MLBB such as heroes, skins, emotes, and many more. You can unlock heroes and skins using battle points and other farmable currencies but you can use diamonds as a substitute to complete your purchase.

Diamonds can be used in the in-game shop.

How to get Mobile Legends diamonds?

MLBB diamonds are fairly rare but here are ways you can get some;


Moonton seldom hosts community tournaments where every MLBB player is welcome to join. Winners will receive skins or diamonds. If you think you’re good enough, you can keep your eyes peeled for tournaments hosted by Moonton in their official social media handles.

Watching Streams

Mobile Legends’ streaming community is pretty vast. Most of these streamers often give away free skins and diamond codes for viewers to get. Simply watching and interacting with these streamers might reward you with free ML diamonds. 

Streamers often giveaway free skins and diamond codes for viewers.

Lucky Spin

There are a lot of lucky draws in the game, one of them is the Lucky Spin. The lucky spin gives players one free spin every 48 hours or 2 days. The grand prize is a hero. However, you have a chance to acquire a lucky gem fragment that you can exchange for Special Tier skins in the Lucky Shop equivalent to spending gems for skins.

The lucky shop allows you to obtain special tier skins.

Purchasing Diamonds

If you have money to spare, you can purchase MLBB diamonds using real-life currency. Similar to other mobile game titles, the more you purchase, the more bonus diamonds you get for free.

ML Diamond Prices

You can purchase Mobile Legends diamonds in-game or through shops like Codashop in these prices.

  • 15 Diamonds (Get 1 Bonus Diamond) - ₱19 ($0.39 USD)
  • 50 Diamonds (Get 5 Bonus Diamond) - ₱49 ($1.01 USD)
  • 250 Diamonds (Get 25 Bonus Diamond) - ₱249 ($5.13 USD)
  • 500 Diamonds (Get 65 Bonus Diamond) - ₱499 ($10.28 USD)
  • 1000 Diamonds (Get 155 Bonus Diamond) - ₱999 ($20.58 USD)
  • 1500 Diamonds (Get 265 Bonus Diamond) - ₱1,490 ($30.69 USD)
  • 2500 Diamonds (Get 475 Bonus Diamond) - ₱2,490 ($51.29 USD)
  • 5000  Diamonds (Get 1000 Bonus Diamond) - ₱4,990 ($102.79 USD)
Diamonds can be purchased in-game or in trusted sites like Codashop.

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Mobile Legends Diamonds Hack

While there are a lot of Mobile Legends hacks that promise players free diamonds, we do not endorse using these hacks. Players must never resort to the use of illicit tools or modded applications to get Mobile Legends diamonds. This is against the anti-hack policies of ML, and players who are found guilty will be permanently banned.

Using hacks to get diamonds is also ethically wrong. ML devs spend a lot of time and effort to develop the game for the players and hence should be compensated for their efforts financially.

Hopefully, this guide was able to help you with how you can obtain ML diamonds. Keep in mind that Moonton frequently hosts events where you can obtain free skins or diamonds in the game. If you are patient enough, you will eventually acquire more skins and diamonds without having to purchase them in the game. 

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