Mobile Legends Ranks Explained



Mobile Legends Ranks Explained

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  • Mobile Legends' ranked game mode is one of the commonly played game modes by competitive players.
  • This game mode can be unlocked after reaching account level eight and has unlocked at least six heroes.
  • Here are more details regarding the ranked game mode in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s ranked game mode is one of the commonly played game modes by competitive players. The Mobile Legends Ranked game mode is a seasonal game mode that runs for three months. It can be played after reaching account level eight and having unlocked at least six heroes. Players will be placed in one of the seven ranks based on their skills in the game with Warrior being the lowest rank followed by Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, and the highest rank, Mythic. Here's a detailed explanation of how MLBB's ranked mode works.

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How to Unlock MLBB Ranked Game Mode

ML Players will unlock the ranked game mode after they reach account level eight and have acquired a total of six permanent heroes in the game. Once unlocked, players will start from the lowest rank, Warrior, and can climb their way to the highest rank, Mythic by winning matches.

Mobile Legends Ranks Explained
Each rank will reward players with tickets.

There are two types of ranked systems in MLBB, namely the Stars system which applies up to Legend rank, and the Points system for Mythic and above rank. Players will have to earn the required amount of stars in each division in order to get promoted to a higher rank.

There are a total of seven ranks with three to five divisions - each indicated by roman numbers;

  • Warrior III - I (4 stars)
  • Elite III - I (5 stars)
  • Master IV - I (5 stars)
  • Grandmaster V - I (6 stars)
  • Epic V - I (6 stars)
  • Legend V - I (6 stars)
  • Mythic

How to Rank Up in ML Ranked Game Mode

MLBB Players will have to acquire stars in order to promote themselves to a higher rank or division. The stars required to promote will increase as they climb higher in the ranked ladder. Winning a match will yield one star while losing a game will deduct a star. Warrior-ranked players will not lose a star if they lose a match.

For each rank, you’ll have to go through different divisions. Once you reach division I for each rank with a full star, you will be promoted to the next rank. Lose too many stars, and you will be demoted one rank lower. 

Mythic players no longer require stars for promotion. Instead, they gain points for every match they win. Defeating an opponent with much higher points than you will yield more points while losing to enemies with fewer points than you will result in a massive point deduction. If MLBB players lose a match and they have no points left, they will be sent back to Legends 1. The top 50 players with the highest points will be granted the Glorious Mythic rank. 

MLBB Star Raising and Star Protection

Your matches will be rated based on your contribution to the match. These points will be used to fill up your star-raising points to gain a free star in Mobile Legends ranked game mode. More consecutive wins will also yield more points. 

Here are the points for each achievement you get in every match;

  • Get Legendary - 10 points
  • Get MVP - 50 points
  • Get Maniac - 30 points
  • Get savage - 50 points

Similar to star-raising points, ML players will also be filling up the protection points bar. Once you fill up your protection points, stars will not be deducted when you lose your next match. If a team loses a match due to one of their members violating a rule such as going AFK and the like, the team receives 25% additional protection points as compensation.

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ML Ranked Season Rewards

At the end of each season, MLBB players who reach the Master rank or higher will receive an exclusive skin. Their ranks will drop and will have to climb back in the next season. 

Last season 18, players received the Star Chaser Rafaela skin as the ranked exclusive skin for that season.

Mobile Legends Ranks Explained
Star Chaser Rafaela - Season 18 Skin Ranked Reward

The ML exclusive skin changes each season so players can look forward to new skins every ranked season. For MLBB Season 19, the Street Enforcer Kai is the exclusive skin reward. Master ranked or higher players will receive this skin at the end of March, 2021.

Mobile Legends Ranks Explained
Street Enforcer Kai - Season 19 Skin Ranked Reward

Ranked Rewards for the upcoming Season 20 are yet to be announced. MLBB players will have to keep their eyes peeled for future updates.

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