Wild Rift: Leona Guide, Build, and Runes

Wild Rift: Leona Guide, Build, and Runes

John Dave Rossel
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  • Leona is a tank hero who specializes in engaging the enemy team and keeping them pinned down for as long as possible.
  • She lacks mobility, but she makes up for it with her durability and her ability to stay inside a team fight and soak up a lot of damage.
  • Here is our guide on how to play Leona in Wild Rift efficiently and effectively.

This Wild Rift Leona guide, builds, and runes will help you play one of the best support tanks in the mobile MOBA game. Leona is a tank hero who specializes in engaging the enemy team and keeping them pinned down for as long as possible. She lacks mobility, but she makes up for it with her durability and her ability to stay inside a team fight and soak up a lot of damage. She works well with marksmen who specialize in basic attacks like Vayne and Jinx. If you’re looking for a Wild Rift Leona Guide, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is our Wild Rift Leona guide on how to play him efficiently as a support tank. 

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Wild Rift Leona Guide - Pros and Cons

Can Pin Down Enemies Easily
If You Engage, You Might Not Get Out Alive
Very Tanky Even in Early Game
Perform Poorly When Alone
Easy to Use, Rewarding to Master
Very Team Reliant
Perfect for Almost Any Team Composition
Lacks Mobility

Wild Rift Leona Guide - Skill Description

Here is a quick rundown of her skills. Leona shines the brightest when she’s engaging an enemy champion with an ally. She doesn’t deal that much damage, but she makes up for it in Crowd Controls that are almost impossible to escape when used properly. If you engage as Leona, you must prepare for the worst as she lacks the mobility to disengage and may get killed. 

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Skill Priority: On your first three levels, unlock all three of your basic skills then you can focus on upgrading your 2nd skill to help you tank some more damage. Followed by her 1st skill, then lastly, her third skill. Always upgrade her ultimate whenever it’s available. 

Passive: Sunlight

Apply sunlight debuff to enemies hit with her attacks. Allied champions who attack enemies with sunlight will activate the debuff and deal magic damage. 

This helps her allies deal a little bit more damage every time Leona hits her enemies with attacks.

1st Skill: Shield of Daybreak (Cooldown: 5.9s)

Empowers Leona’s next attack to stun enemies for a short period and deal magic damage. 

With a very short cooldown, you can keep the enemies pinned down; granted they don’t have any cleansing items like the quicksilver enchant.

2nd Skill: Eclipse (Cooldown: 10.7s)

Upon activation, Leona gains extra armor and magic resist for three seconds. After the effect wears off, the Eclipse explodes, dealing magic damage. If enemies surrounding her are hit, the bonus armor effect is extended for another three seconds. 

This is what makes her tanky during a team fight. Six seconds may seem short, but in a team fight, every second counts.

3rd Skill: Zenith Blade (Cooldown: 9.8s)

Leonna swings her blade and deals magic damage in a straight line. The last champion hit by the line will be rooted, and Leona dashes to the enemy.

This is useful in chasing down opponents or to cancel channeling skills. Be mindful of your targets. If you dash on the wrong enemy, it might cause your team to engage with you and wipe your squad clean. 

Ultimate: Solar Flare (Cooldown: 39s)

Leona calls down a beam of light dealing magic damage and stunning enemies at the center of the beam, while enemies outside the beam will be slowed by 80%. 

This skill shines bright during a team fight, you can hit as many enemies and stun or slow them in the process. 

Wild Rift Leona Guide - Item Build

Leona focuses on being as tanky as possible to survive team fights and deliver as many CC as she can to enemies. 

You can grab Ninja Tabi if you are playing against heavy Attack Damage (AD) teams for the boots. However, if you feel you are having a hard time dealing with their mages, consider buying Mercury’s Treads instead. Enchant your boots with Gargoyle Enchant to abuse that damage reduction along with your massive armor and magic resist.

Purchase Winter’s Approach as early as you can so you can start stacking its passive and add more armor to your stats. 

Protectors Vow adds more shields for you and your allies, while Zeke’s Convergence adds more DPS for your allies whenever you cast your ultimate. These two are good items to have for Leona.

Finish your build with Randuin’s Omen and Warmog’s Armor to be more durable and resistant to critical attacks. Randuin’s Omen makes you more resistant to critical attacks, while Warmogs Armor allows you to regenerate health very fast when out of combat.

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Leona is entirely focused on being a support tank. You can build her AP or Armor Penetration AD, but it’s pretty lackluster and less viable than building a tank and helping allies achieve their maximum potential in a team fight. If you play as Leona, you have to put your allies’ safety first before you. Hopefully, this Wild Rift Leona Guide can help you master this support champion in the game. 

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