How to Buy Mobile Legends Diamonds from Codashop

How to Buy Mobile Legends Diamonds from Codashop

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  • Diamonds can be used to purchase skins and heroes in Mobile Legends.
  • Codashop is the easiest and most convenient way to top-up diamonds in the game.
  • Codashop also hosts events and promotions on their social media handles.

“How to buy Mobile Legends Diamonds?” is probably one of the most common questions asked by Mobile Legends players. Mobile Legends Diamonds can be purchased through Codashop, Asia’s trusted top-up website for video game currencies. These Mobile Legends diamonds can then be used to purchase in-game skins or heroes in the game. However, there are fake websites that try to scam unsuspecting players by getting their personal information. Be mindful of these scams and only make purchases on trusted websites like Codashop. Here is a quick guide on how you can purchase ML diamonds using the top-up website, Codashop. 

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How to Buy Mobile Legends Diamonds from Codashop

1. Head to the official website of Codashop.

2. Select Mobile Legends on the list of games found on the website. 

3. Input your ML 9-Digit User ID and 4-Digit Zone ID. 

How to Buy Mobile Legends Diamonds from Codashop
You can find your User and Zone ID in your account profile in Mobile Legends

4. Select how many diamonds you want to top-up. The available options are as follows;

  • 11 Diamonds
  • 22 Diamonds
  • 56 Diamonds
  • 112 Diamonds
  • 223 Diamonds
  • 336 Diamonds
  • 570 Diamonds
  • 1163 Diamonds
  • 2398 Diamonds
  • 6042 Diamonds

5. Select a payment method from the list of available options. Payment methods vary depending on the option you choose. Simply follow the instructions given for your selected method to continue. 

6. Select the “Buy Now” button and receive your diamonds in-game. Putting your e-mail address is optional. You can skip that and proceed to click “Buy Now.”

The diamonds will be sent into your ML account immediately. If you haven’t received your diamonds within 5 minutes, you can contact their customer support.

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Codashop Promotions

If you’re hoping to get more from your purchase, you can follow Codashop’s social media handles. They seldom post events and promotions or savings bundles that allow players to earn more diamonds. You can follow Codashop for these exciting promotions through their Facebook and Instagram pages. They also have a gaming community where they seldom host various tournaments and giveaways for Mobile Legends. 

Disclaimer: We do not endorse or dissuade using Codashop to buy Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Diamonds. Users should do their own due diligence before entering sensitive banking information like Credit Card Numbers online.

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