Wild Rift: All You Need to Know About the Jungle

Wild Rift: All You Need to Know About the Jungle

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The Jungle role is one of the most complex roles in Wild Rift. Unlike its PC counterpart, there are no respawn timers in Wild Rift. To help people who are new to the jungle role or just curious about when the jungle camps spawn, here is a guide on jungle camp timers in Wild Rift.

Jungle Buff

The two monsters are called Brumbleback and Blue Sentinel, but players like to call them Red and Blue buffs. These monsters give you buffs when killed. Killing the Blue Sentinel gives you the blue buff, and Brumbleback gives you the red buff. 

The monsters spawn twenty seconds(0:20) after the match starts, so be sure to be ready. The fastest one to clear a jungle camp has the advantage in the game. They spawn two minutes and thirty seconds(2:30) after being killed. 

Wild Rift: All You Need to Know About the Jungle
Jungle Buffs: Blue Sentinel | Brambleback

Red Buff applies a slow debuff on enemies you attack and deals true damage. The effect is more effective on melee champions.

Blue Buff gives you mana or energy regeneration. This regenerative effect is so powerful that toggle skills like Amumu’s “despair” barely deplete your mana when you have the Blue Buff. The buff also regenerates your health when out of combat. 

Both Monster gives 140 gold per kill, the gold raises to 215 gold at eight minutes(8:00) and raises more to 220 at ten minutes(10:00). 

Jungle Camps

The jungle camps provide gold and exp for Junglers. They can’t farm lane minions due to the smite’s debuff of reducing their exp gained from killing lane minions. That’s why jungle camps are very important for Junglers. 

All jungle camps spawn after twenty-two seconds(0:22), two seconds after the jungle buffs spawn. The camps respawn one minute and thirty seconds(1:30) after being cleared.

Wild Rift: All You Need to Know About the Jungle

Krugs split into two when killed. With each split, they grow weaker. Killing all the Krugs yields 190 gold in total. 

Wild Rift: All You Need to Know About the Jungle
Wolves and Raptors

Raptors and Wolves both yield 140 gold after clearing each camp. 

Wild Rift: All You Need to Know About the Jungle

Killing Gromp gives 140 gold. Be careful, Gromp is the strongest normal jungle monster. Without buffs, you might not survive his basic attacks during the early game. 

Scuttle Crab

Scuttle crabs spawn on both rivers at one minute and twenty-five seconds(1:25) into the game. Scuttle crabs are one of the most useful neutral mobs in the game. When killed, the crab yields 120 gold, provide vision on the river for one minute and thirty seconds(1:30), and apply movement speed buffs to allies who pass by him. Scuttle crabs respawn two minutes(2:00) after being killed. 

Wild Rift: All You Need to Know About the Jungle
Scuttle Crab

Vision control is important for the game, Scuttle crabs provides vision on the riverside of the map for free and can’t be removed by enemies.

Epic Monsters

Epic monsters are the strongest mobs in the game. Taking them down alone can be hard and usually would require the whole team to take them down. 

Elemental Drakes:

Dragons provide buff for the whole team, the buff depends on what dragon was slain. Dragons spawn after four minutes(4:00) and respawn four minutes(4:00) after being slain.

Here are the different dragons and their respective buffs;

  • Infernal - Grants 8% increased damage.
  • Mountain - Grants 6% of Max Health as a shield after 5 seconds of not taking damage.
  • Ocean - Grants 8% physical and magical vamp.
  • Cloud - Grants 7.5 movement speed, the effect is doubled when out of combat. 
  • Elder - Amplifies a random dragon buff and champion attacks burn enemies dealing true damage.

After slaying four dragons, an Elder dragon spawns. This dragon amplifies dragon buffs so be sure to slay it before the enemy does. 

Wild Rift: All You Need to Know About the Jungle
Elemental Drake Pits

Rift Herald:

The Rift Herald or as what people call her “Shelly,” provides faster recall and 300 gold to the champion that kills it. He can also be spawned to help destroy turrets. It has a weak spot at her back which when hit, deals a huge chunk of her HP. The Rift Herald only spawns once the entire game and leaves when Baron Nashor arrives so you should kill her before she disappears. 

Wild Rift: All You Need to Know About the Jungle
Rift Herald

The Rift Herald spawns at six minutes(6:00), after ten minutes(10:00), Baron Nashor arrives and replaces the Herald. 

Baron Nashor:

The most powerful monster in the game and provides one of the best buffs a team can get. This void work spawns ten minutes(10:00) after the game starts and respawns three minutes(3:00) after being killed.

If a champion has Baron’s buff, all minions around them will be empowered giving extra damage and attack range. This is why slaying Baron Nashor can be a big deal and can potentially turn the tides of the battle if given the chance. 

Wild Rift: All You Need to Know About the Jungle
Baron Nashor

Slaying the Baron gives 200 gold to each team along with Baron Buff for the team. 

Rift Plants

Honey Fruits:

This fruit heals champions who eats it. It can be found around the riverside and on all the lanes.

Lane Honey fruits spawn forty-five seconds(0:45) after the match starts and respawn two minutes(2:00) after picking them out. 

Wild Rift: All You Need to Know About the Jungle
Honey Fruit Locations

River Honey Fruits spawn at three minutes(3:00) and respawn two minutes(2:00) after picking them out.

Scryer’s Bloom:

These plants provide a vision for a short while when attacked, revealing invisible units and wards within their range. They spawn 0:25 on all sides of the map and respawns in two minutes(2:00). 

Wild Rift: All You Need to Know About the Jungle
Scryer’s Bloom

Blast Cone:

Blast cones are a good plant to take note of. This plant launches champions who are in its blast radius. This can serve as your quick escape from bad situations or for setting an ambush. 

The plants spawn at twenty seconds(4:20) after the match starts and respawns four minutes and twenty seconds(4:20) after being used.

Wild Rift: All You Need to Know About the Jungle
Blast Cone

Being familiar with the jungle respawn times gives you an advantage over the enemy. You can plan your rotation and when you can safely gank lanes. 

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