How To Get The Jungle Warrior Title In PUBG MOBILE

Shounak Sengupta
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PUBG MOBILE has been focusing on the jungle theme in the current iteration with the mysterious jungles. One of the features in the current rotation is the Sanhok Relic Hunt, which is a mode which allows you to collect rewards based on daily challenges. Other than the usual skins and other drops which are available, one feature is the Jungle Warrior Title. The tag can be displayed along with your feature as a poster. 

How To Get The Jungle Warrior Title In PUBG MOBILE

How To Unlock The Jungle Warrior Title

It’s a relatively easy drop to get and is redeemable using the specific currency in this special event. Since it requires one of each currency fragment, you should be able to pick it up rather easily. The first three challenges on the track are the easiest to complete, and will be enough to unlock the Jungle Warrior Title. This includes basic tasks like playing one classic match, spending 60 minutes in the game and completing 3 classic matches. 

Other titles include Chicken Master, Overachiever, Commando, Sharpshooter, Well Liked, Maxxed Out etc. Each of these titles requires a specific achievement or requirement to receive. Titles help distinguish players and is a great reminder of the player’s achievements and legacy in the game. While many titles are permanent, the Jungle Warrior title will last for 30 days. Other such special events that were recently introduced include the Mysterious Jungle Adventure mode and Road Trip mode. 

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