4 Upcoming Mobile Legends Events Uncovered By Data Miners

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4 Upcoming MLBB Events Revealed


Four upcoming events are coming to Mobile Legends soon.
Future Foreseen is currently ongoing while the other three; Super Villain Squad, Star Wars, and Cyber City events will be arriving in the coming months.
Here are more details about what we can expect from each of these events

Four upcoming events in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have been discovered by data miners. In the coming months, MLBB will host Future Foreseen, Super Villain Squad, Star Wars, and Cyber City events. By participating in these events, players will have the opportunity to acquire new and currently available skins. Currently, three of these events are available only on the advanced servers of Mobile Legends. Future Foreseen, is the only currently ongoing event present in the regular servers. If you’re curious about the upcoming MLBB events, more information can be found below.

Upcoming MLBB Events Leaked

According to data miner, Kazuki Official, four upcoming events are coming to Mobile Legends soon. These events give players a chance to acquire new skins such as the superhero squad skin, the upcoming Star Wars collaboration skins, and many more.

Future Foreseen Event

This event is currently ongoing on the regular servers. Players will have the opportunity to get the new Esmeralda skin "The Foreseer" as well as a ton of rare cosmetic items such as recall animations, spawn effects, icon borders, and others.

Pre-order now for a free draw on June 26, 2021.


MLBB x Star Wars Collaboration Event

The advanced server is currently testing an upcoming event featuring Cyclop's "Master Yoda" skin and Argus' "Darth Vader" skin. Upon collecting coins, players will be able to trade them for a wide variety of skins in the exchange shop, Kazuki Official reports. Each Star Wars skin costs 800 coins. Players can acquire coins through the draw event. The event is expected to arrive on July 10, 2021

Collect coins to exchange for skins.

Also, the data miner stated that there will be pre-events like pre-orders and top-ups for the collaboration event.

Super Villain Squads

According to Kazuki Official, the first Super Villain skin will be for Alpha, followed by Selena. Alpha’s Super Villain skin will be named “The General Void” and is expected to arrive sometime in September 2021.

Super Villain Squad Concept Skins

As with the superhero squad skins, these skins will arrive through a draw event. As of yet, Moonton has not officially announced this new skin line.

Cyber City Event

Another upcoming MLBB event is for the Magic Chess game mode. Players can acquire the Cybercity Epic Chessboard through the draw event. Every day, players will receive a 50% discount on their first spin.

Exchange coins from the event for exciting rewards.

The coins acquired in the draw event can be exchanged for permanent rewards in the Exchange store. The event is expected to arrive in MLBB by the end of June or the beginning of July.

Several MLBB events have been announced for the coming months. Even players without diamonds to spare can still participate in the event since all events will have a daily random reward that allows players to earn one free draw for the event. Watch this space for future MLBB event updates.

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