Everything you need to know about the PMCO Fall Championship 2019

Everything you need to know about the PMCO Fall Championship 2019

Shounak Sengupta
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We are just 3 days away from the PMCO Fall Championship, a tournament that is expected to be the landmark event for PUBG Mobile in recent times. 16 teams from across the globe have made it to Malaysia, to try and lift the trophy that would give them the certification that they are indeed the best team in the world. With half a million USD on the line and some of the most recognizable faces in PUBG Mobile, the stakes could not be higher. So here’s everything that you need to know about the PMCO Fall Championship 2019. 

Dates, Schedule and Format

The competition will last for 3 days and a total of 18 matches will be played. While we do not have an exact confirmation on which maps will be played at what time, it is safe to assume that the format will be the same as the Prelims stage. This means 6 maps will be played out on each day, with Erangel being played out 9 times and Vikendi, Miramar and Sanhok being played out 3 times each. 

The dates for the finals of the Fall Championship are 29th November - 1st December. Games will kick off at 12:30 pm IST or 4 pm SGT. 

Prize pool 

A total of 500K USD or half a million will be given out at the PMCO Fall Championship 2019. While the majority of this will be divided among the 16 teams, 5000 USD will be awarded per map to the team who can get a chicken dinner. Individual prizes will also be handed out to specific players depending upon certain criteria. 

The breakdown of the prize pool is as follows:

1st - 180K USD

2nd - 90K USD

3rd - 45K USD

4th - 23K USD

5th - 12K USD

6th/7th - 8K USD

8th/9th - 5K USD

10th/11th - 4K USD

12th/13th - 3K USD

14th/15th/16th - 2K USD


16 teams will be in attendance at the Fall Championship. 13 of these qualified directly via the Regional finals while 3 more joined them from the Prelims. The full list is as follows:

TOP Esports - Spring 2019 Champions - China

RRQ Athena - SEA #1 Seed - Thailand

Illuminate - SEA #2 Seed - Thailand

Entity Gaming - South Asia #1 Seed - India

Team SouL - South Asia #2 Seed - India

Cloud 9 - North America #1 Seed - USA

Team Unique - Europe #1 Seed - CIS

Kurdistan Esports - MENA #1 Seed - Iraq

Team Queso - South America #1 Seed - Argentina

EGC KR Black - South Korea #1 Seed - South Korea

ARG Wisteria - Japan #1 Seed - Japan

UNicorn Gaming - Wildcard #1 Seed - Taiwan

Yoodo Gank - Malaysia #1 Seed - Malaysia

MEGA.Conqueor - Prelims #1 Seed - Thailand

Bigetron Esports - Prelims #2 Seed - Indonesia

Orange Esports - Prelims #3 Seed - Cambodia

Livestreams and Talent

As usual, the PMCO Fall Championship will be broadcast in a variety of languages for audiences across the world. Streams can be found on YouTube and Twitch. The full list of talent for the main event is yet to be revealed. 

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