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100 Best COD Names for Call of Duty Players

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Having a unique Call of Duty (COD) name allows players to showcase their individual personalities. It is a significant part of COD to have a personalized name as it helps you stand out from other players. Each player should have a creative COD username that reflects their preferences in order to distinguish themselves from other Call of Duty players. Some players search the internet for names with unique fonts and symbols to use as their in-game names (IGN). This article provides a list of some of the best COD names to choose from and explains how to change your IGN in Call of Duty Mobile, Modern Warfare 2, and Warzone 2.

50 Stylish COD Names for Call of Duty in 2023

You do not need to install questionable apps or keyboards to create unique user names or gamer ids. Instead, you can simply copy and paste the names provided below:

  1. Warrior Spirit

  2. Deadly Force

  3. Shadow Strike

  4. Iron Will

  5. Toxic Vengeance

  6. Frostbite

  7. Thunder Fury

  8. Sonic Boom

  9. Blaze of Glory

  10. Skyfall

  11. Nemesis

  12. Apocalypse

  13. Eagle Eye

  14. Predator

  15. Ghost Recon

  16. Storm Chaser

  17. Rampage

  18. Inferno

  19. Arctic Wolf

  20. Blackout

  21. Blood Moon

  22. Crimson Tide

  23. Death Squad

  24. Dragonfire

  25. Eagle Strike

  26. Echo Squad

  27. Falcon Fury

  28. Gunslinger

  29. Hammerhead

  30. Ice Storm

  31. Ironclad

  32. Jungle Fury

  33. Lone Wolf

  34. Marauder

  35. Nightfall

  36. Outlaw

  37. Panther

  38. Raptor

  39. Red Dragon

  40. Saber Strike

  41. Scorpion

  42. Silent Shadow

  43. Skyfire

  44. Stormfront

  45. Thunderbird

  46. Tiger Claw

  47. Viking Fury

  48. Wolverine

  49. Zephyr

  50. Zulu Warrior

50 more good Call of Duty names

If none of the options you have considered so far seem to be suitable as a good username for Call of Duty, you can try some of the options listed below and see if any of them fit your needs.

  1. Commando King

  2. Sniper Elite

  3. Tactical Genius

  4. Raging Inferno

  5. Grim Reaper

  6. Shadow Assassin

  7. Havoc Maker

  8. Mercenary

  9. Demon Hunter

  10. Fearsome Fury

  11. Stormtrooper

  12. Combat Master

  13. Steel Titan

  14. Warrior Princess

  15. Bloodthirsty Killer

  16. Navy SEAL

  17. Delta Force

  18. Special Ops

  19. Rapid Response

  20. Infiltrator

  21. Jungle Warfare

  22. Desert Phantom

  23. Mountain Rover

  24. Sky Hunter

  25. Urban Warfare

  26. Cyber Warrior

  27. Assault Leader

  28. Demolition Expert

  29. Rapid Strike

  30. Spy Hunter

  31. Safari Hunter

  32. Terror Terminator

  33. Jungle Predator

  34. Ocean Avenger

  35. Desert Nomad

  36. Arctic Warrior

  37. Sky Sentinel

  38. Urban Predator

  39. Cyber Crusader

  40. Assault Commander

  41. Demolition Squad

  42. Rapid Fire

  43. Spy Catcher

  44. Safari Sentinel

  45. Terror Tracker

  46. Jungle Scout

  47. Ocean Defender

  48. Desert Raider

  49. Arctic Sentinel

  50. Sky Predator

How to Change Your Username in Call of Duty Mobile

To change your name in Call of Duty: Mobile, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main screen of the game and tap on your current name, which is displayed at the top of the screen.

  2. This will open your player profile. In the second tab, you will see an option to edit your name. Tap on the edit icon.

  3. Enter your new name and then tap on the "Change" button.

  4. If you do not have a Name Changing Card or Rename Card, you will be prompted to purchase one. These cards cost 500 COD Points and allow you to change your name once every three days.

COD Mobile Name Change

COD Mobile

How to Change Your Username in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II or Warzone II

To change your display name in Call of Duty, you will need to use a username change token. These tokens are given to you every six months, and you can have up to two tokens at any given time.

To change your display name in Modern Warfare II or Warzone II, follow these steps:

  1. From the home screen, press the options button.

  2. Go to the ACCOUNT tab and select Activision Account.


  4. Enter your desired name and choose CONFIRM.

COD PC Name Change


You can also change your Activision ID or display name online by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Activision account.

  2. Select BASIC INFO.

  3. Select EDIT next to your ACTIVISION ID.


  5. Go to your email account to retrieve the one-time verification code.

  6. Return to the ACCOUNT VERIFICATION REQUIRED pop-up and enter the code.

  7. On the BASIC INFO tab and select EDIT next to your ACTIVISION ID.

  8. Enter a new Activision ID or display name and select SAVE.

  9. Enter the password for your Activision account.

  10. Select SUBMIT.

If you're looking for a unique-sounding username for Call of Duty, but none of these options that you have already considered seem to fit your needs, there are a few other things you can try. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use a word or phrase in a different language: If you know another language, consider using a word or phrase from that language as your username. This can add a unique twist to your username and make it stand out.

  • Use a combination of words or phrases: Try combining two or more words or phrases to create a unique username. You could use words that have a specific meaning to you, or just pick words that sound cool when put together.

  • Use a play on words: Try coming up with a username that is a play on words or a pun. This can add a bit of humor to your username and make it more memorable.

  • Use a nickname or pseudonym: Consider using a nickname or pseudonym as your username. This can add a bit of mystery and make your username more interesting.

  • Use special characters or numbers: Try using special characters or numbers in your username to make it more unique. Just be careful not to use too many or make it too difficult to read.

Hopefully one of these ideas will help you come up with a unique-sounding username for Call of Duty. Good luck!

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