Schedule for Brazillian Free Fire League (LBFF) Season 4

Last updated on: 16 Mar 2021, 06:09 AM

The Brazillian Free Fire League (LBFF) is one of the biggest Free Fire tournaments being conducted in Brazil. 18 teams will compete for a prize pool of BRL 2.4M ($450K USD). God Esports, Furia Esports, Fluxo, SS Esports, Pain Gaming, B4 Esports, Team Liquid, Red Canids, Cruzeiro Esports, Keyd, DC, LOUD, Meta Gaming, Flamengo Esports, INTZ, Team One, and Santos Esports are the teams competing in the Brazillian Free Fire League (LBFF).

DatePrize TeamsLocation
23rd Jan - 20th March 2021$13800018Brazil

Regular Season

Week 1
23rd January 2021Group A&Group B
24th January 2021Group A&Group C

Week 2
30th January 2021Group B&Group C
31st January 2021Group B&Group A

Week 3
6th February 2021Group C&Group A
7th February 2021Group C&Group B

Week 4
13th February 2021Group A&Group B
14th February 2021Group A&Group C

Week 5
20th February 2021Group B&Group C
21st February 2021Group B&Group A

Week 6
27th February 2021Group C&Group A
28th February 2021Group C&Group B

Week 7
5th March 2021Group A&Group B
6th March 2021Group A&Group C
7th March 2021Group B&Group C

Week 8
12th March 2021Group B&Group A
13th March 2021Group C&Group A
14th March 2021Group C&Group B


  • 20th March 2021