Pixel P&L: The Battle Against Cheating and Ikea’s Virtual Venture

Unmasking the cost of cheating in video games and esports

Vignesh Raghuram
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Good Morning! It’s Wednesday, June 5. Today, we’re delving into the mounting costs of video game cheating, a menace draining billions from the industry. We’ll explore how governments and game makers are intensifying their efforts to combat this pervasive issue. Also on the docket: Ikea's innovative foray into the virtual world of Roblox with the launch of a new virtual store, complete with real staff hires. All this and more in today's roundup.

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Cheat Codes to Catastrophe: How Cheats Are Destroying the Gaming Industry

From Manic Miner's playful cheat codes to the iconic Konami Code in Contra, what was once innocent fun is now wreaking havoc in the gaming world. In 2019 alone, cheats drained a staggering $29 billion USD from the industry! With hackers wreaking havoc in esports tournaments to in-game economies being manipulated by bots, it is clear that multiplayer games are under siege.

Governments and corporations are now intensifying efforts to combat this plague. Legal battles, AI advancements, and government crackdowns are just part of the arsenal being deployed to maintain fair play. But as technology evolves, so do the cheats, making it a relentless battle.

Who will win this war? Abhimannu uncovers the truth about how cheating is devastating the gaming industry and what the future holds for fair play in our free read.

Ikea Opens Virtual Store in Roblox, Offers Jobs to Adults

Ikea is offering a new opportunity for Roblox players in the UK and Ireland by hiring 10 individuals to manage its virtual store. This initiative aims to showcase potential career opportunities to young people, with a twist: applicants must be over 18 years old to qualify, by applying through its official website.

The job advertisement highlights the chance to move between departments, flex skills, and get promoted. Employees will help customers in the virtual showroom, assist with online furniture purchases, and even serve virtual meatballs in the bistro.

While the contract is limited, the job is fully remote and offers a competitive hourly rate of £13.15/€14.80 ($16.20). Despite these benefits, the initiative raises questions about the increasing trend of corporations replicating real-life experiences in virtual environments.

Ikea’s move follows similar ventures by other companies, like Walmart, which recently began selling real-world items in its Roblox store. While Ikea’s job listing targets adults, it highlights the evolving landscape of virtual job opportunities and the potential ethical considerations in a platform predominantly used by children.

Quick Bytes

EFLARE Tournament Winners Still Await Prize Money

Over six months have passed since the EFLARE $100K SEA Counter-Strike 2 Tournament concluded on November 19, 2023, yet the winners have not received their prize money, according to multiple sources speaking to The Esports Advocate. Organized by a Hong Kong businessman, "Chris Lin," and partners, the tournament promised substantial rewards but has since faced delays and payment issues. 

Despite efforts by Bleed Esports CEO Mervyn Goh, who fronted some expenses, players and staff await compensation. EFLARE’s elusive presence and reliance on cryptocurrency for payments have complicated matters, leaving winners and participants in a financial limbo.

MrBeast Overtakes T-Series as Most Popular YouTube Channel

Jimmy Donaldson, widely known as MrBeast, has overtaken India’s T-Series to become the most subscribed YouTuber. Celebrating the milestone on X, Donaldson announced he had reached 267 million subscribers, surpassing T-Series' 266 million. In May, he had challenged T-Series' CEO to a boxing match on the same platform, though the bout never materialized.

Savvy Games Group Seeks Stronger Ties with Japanese Gaming Giants

Savvy Games Group aims to strengthen collaboration with Nintendo and Capcom, focusing on investment and game localization in the Middle East. Following a Tokyo meeting, Savvy's vice chair, Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud, invited Nintendo, Bandai, Capcom, and Konami to consider establishing regional offices. Supported by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF), Savvy plans to create a local gaming industry hub, hiring and training Saudi engineers. With 75% of its 142 billion riyal ($37.9 billion) budget unspent, Savvy is prioritizing mergers and acquisitions to develop its esports unit and expand its in-house team by 2026. 

BGMI Teams Up with Bollywood Star Ranveer Singh

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has announced a collaboration with Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh to introduce new in-game content. The "Ranveer Swag Crate" offers players exclusive gear, skins, and a voice pack featuring Singh's dialogues. This partnership aims to enhance the gaming experience by integrating Singh's charismatic style into the game. Players can unlock these items using UC (Unknown Cash) and earn rewards through milestone spins. The collaboration highlights the growing intersection between gaming and entertainment, bringing celebrity influence into virtual battlegrounds.

Did You Know?

In 2000, Microsoft executives were reportedly laughed out of the conference room during a meeting with Nintendo. This meeting was part of Microsoft's ambitious efforts to enter the gaming industry by acquiring established companies. At the time, Microsoft was preparing to launch its first gaming console, the Xbox, and saw Nintendo as a potential partner to strengthen its position.

Microsoft's pitch centered around leveraging their technological expertise to help Nintendo create better hardware, which they believed would be a mutually beneficial partnership. However, Nintendo executives didn't see it that way. According to Kevin Bachus, a former director at Microsoft's Xbox division, the reaction from Nintendo was anything but serious. The Nintendo team found the proposal so amusing that they couldn’t contain their laughter, effectively ending the meeting with a resounding "no."

Quote of the day

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- Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher 3

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