Pixel P&L: Is Valve Missing the Mark? Plus, The International 2024 Qualifiers Revealed

Valve maybe making a strategic blunder

Vignesh Raghuram
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Grab your coffee and settle in because today we’re diving into whether Valve is shooting itself in the foot by not copying Tencent and Riot’s homework? We think they might be! Plus, we’ve got all the juicy details on The International 2024 qualifiers and direct invites and much more.

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Esports Social Media: Is Valve Missing a Note?

The esports winter has been here for quite some time, with FaZe Clan halting trading and TSM shutting down major divisions. But there's a surprising twist: social media might be one of the keys to survival, and Valve is shockingly absent from the game.

Visibility is the lifeblood of esports, with teams turning to Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch to engage fans and secure crucial sponsorships. Tencent and Riot Games are leading the charge, offering massive incentives for social media performance, with rewards up to $150,000. Yet, Valve’s hands-off approach leaves Dota 2 teams floundering. Unlike Tencent and Riot, Valve offers no financial incentives for social media engagement, putting Dota 2 at a significant disadvantage. Third-party organizers like ESL are stepping in, but is it enough?

The stakes are high. Without social media incentives, Dota 2 risks falling behind, losing fans, and missing out on lucrative sponsorships. Can Valve step up and save the day, or will they watch as the esports empire crumbles? AFK Gaming dives deeper into this new lifeblood of the scene in our latest feature.

The International 2024 Direct Invites and Qualifier Information Revealed

Valve has announced the six direct invites to The International 2024, set to take place in Copenhagen. The teams receiving direct invitations are Team Spirit, Xtreme Gaming, Team Falcons, Team Liquid, Gaimin Gladiators, and BetBoom Team, recognized for their dominant performances throughout the year.

The remaining ten slots will be filled through Regional Qualifiers. China will have two slots, North America one, Eastern Europe one, South America two, Southeast Asia two, and Western Europe two. The qualifiers will kick off with the Open Qualifiers from June 3rd to 8th, followed by the Regional Qualifiers from June 9th to 23rd.

The International 2024 will be held at Copenhagen's Royal Arena. The Group Stage will commence on September 4th, followed by the Playoffs from September 6th to 10th. The main event, featuring the top eight teams, will take place from September 13th to 15th. Fans can purchase tickets starting June 10th.

Quick Bytes

AfreecaTV Launches SOOP with High-Profile Esports Collaborations

Korean live-streaming platform AfreecaTV is launching SOOP, a new live-streaming platform, globally on June 5th, partnering with esports luminaries like League of Legends star Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and the DRX organization. Designed for esports and gaming fans, SOOP will debut in English, Thai, and Chinese, offering content from prominent figures and securing exclusive broadcasting rights for events like VALORANT Challengers Thailand. With unique features such as multiple channels per account and real-time live-stream translation, SOOP aims to compete with Twitch and elevate the streaming experience for its users.

Ani-One Asia Targets India's Growing Anime Market

Lovinia Chiu, co-founder and CEO of Ani-One Asia and Medialink, revealed in an interview with Anime News Network that India is a major target market for the anime streaming brand. "The population size is the biggest in the world," Chiu noted, highlighting India's potential compared to the challenging Chinese market. While Asia remains their primary focus, Chiu said, "We need to go deeper into these markets for the next five years." Medialink's strategy includes investing in production houses and merchandise companies, aiming to expand globally through merchandise sales and strategic partnerships. "We're also still looking for synergy with strategic partners," she added.

More Clips of Valve’s New Game ‘Deadlock’ Leaks Online

A torrent of leaks about Valve’s upcoming 6v6 hero shooter, Deadlock, has surfaced online. Stills, clips, and detailed descriptions have flooded message boards and social media, with over 90 video clips appearing on 4chan alone. Key features revealed include large maps with four lanes, tower defense mechanics, and fast travel using floating rails similar to Bioshock Infinite. Characters appear to have unique abilities, with one able to "taunt" opponents and another resembling Team Fortress 2's Pyro. The game’s dynamic movement includes dodging, sliding, and vertical maneuvers. Though Valve has not commented, the volume and detail of the leaks suggest "Deadlock" could be in its final developmental phase.

New Doom Game "Doom: The Dark Ages" to Be Unveiled at Xbox Showcase

A new report from Insider Gaming claims that the next Doom game, titled "Doom: The Dark Ages," will be revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase in June. The game, reportedly in development for four years, is set in a "medieval-inspired doom world." Rumors of a follow-up to Doom Eternal have circulated for some time, with recent speculation fueled by Bethesda's trademark of the classic Doom cheat 'IDKFA' and leaks of an internal Microsoft release schedule listing a game titled 'Doom: Year Zero,' allegedly a placeholder for the new title.

Did You Know?

Dubai has introduced a new Gaming Visa aimed at attracting talented individuals, artists, and creators to the country. This initiative is part of Dubai’s ambitious Program for Gaming 2033, which aims to create approximately 30,000 jobs in the gaming sector. The visa offers long-term opportunities for game developers, designers, and creators to collaborate with international companies and academic institutions.

To apply, individuals over 25 need to submit their application on the official website, along with their passport, professional CV, and other documents. Successful applicants will receive a Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate, opening doors to opportunities in the gaming sector.

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