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Vignesh Raghuram
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Good morning. It’s Tuesday, July 9. In today’s feature story, we explore why FIFA needed a video game to stay relevant and examine its surprising new partnerships. We also cover Singapore's new circular warning about the "dangers" of gaming, highlight Genshin Impact's partnership with a Singaporean aquarium, and more.

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Reinventing FIFA: The Path Forward After EA

In 2022, after nearly three decades, Electronic Arts (EA) ended its iconic partnership with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The split wasn't just surprising; it was a billion-dollar gamble. Faced with licensing restrictions and a steep fee hike, EA decided it was time to part ways. By severing ties, EA took a calculated risk, betting that its devoted player base would follow the rebranded EA Sports FC. And it appears they have.

This left FIFA in a precarious position. For many, "FIFA" was synonymous with the video game long before it was recognized as a governing body. Now, without its gaming crown jewel, FIFA had to make a bold decision: exit the gaming space, find a new partner, or develop its own game.

Michael explores why FIFA needed a video game to stay relevant and why it has chosen some surprising partners moving forward. As the organization ventures into uncharted territory, its influence in the digital age is being tested like never before.

Singapore Warns Parents on Youth Gaming Dangers

Singapore's Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) has issued a warning to parents regarding the potential risks youth gamers face online. According to a recent door-to-door survey conducted from October 2022 to February 2023, more than one-third of young gamers in Singapore have interacted with strangers, and 14% have engaged with these strangers outside gaming contexts. These interactions include sharing personal information and meeting in person, raising significant concerns about exposure to adult predators and online scams.

The survey, encompassing responses from 810 Singaporean youths aged 10 to 18 and their parents, highlighted that 47% of youths play games for two or more hours daily. Additionally, 38% reported encountering vulgarities or violent content, particularly in first-person shooter games. The study also revealed that 17% of youth gamers experienced in-game bullying, with nearly half taking no action and only 8% informing their parents.

MCI emphasized the low parental awareness of gaming activities, with only half of the parents accurately estimating their child's gaming time. In response, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) will introduce new resources and materials to aid parents in managing their children’s online activities more effectively, aiming to enhance digital safety and responsibility among youth gamers.

Quick Bytes

SuperGaming Opens iOS Pre-Orders for Indus Battle Royale

Pre-orders for SuperGaming's highly anticipated Indo-Futuristic battle royale, Indus, are officially open for iOS users on the App Store. This follows a successful launch on Android, where pre-registrations have surpassed 11 million. iOS players who pre-order Indus will receive exclusive rewards upon the game's launch, adding to the excitement surrounding its release.

Genshin Impact and S.E.A. Aquarium Team Up for Underwater Adventure

Genshin Impact is teaming up with Singapore's S.E.A. Aquarium for an immersive event called Teyvat SEA Exploration from September 12 to October 28. The collaboration will integrate elements from Genshin Impact’s underwater Fontaine region with the aquarium's marine exhibits. Resorts World Sentosa announced that the event aims to raise awareness of ocean conservation while offering exclusive merchandise and photo opportunities. Early-bird tickets, priced at $63 for adults and $53 for children, include aquarium access and special event perks, and are available until July 31. Regular admission ticket holders can view the installations but will not participate in the interactive experiences.

Saudi Arabia's Esports World Cup Kicks Off with Major Wins for T1 and Team Falcons

The Esports World Cup in Saudi Arabia concluded its first two tournaments, with League of Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone champions crowned. League of Legends saw peak viewership of over a million, with Korea's T1 emerging victorious against China's Top Esports. The tournament, featuring teams like T1, Bilibili Gaming, Gen.G, and Team Liquid, averaged 565,000 viewers, making it the third most-watched League of Legends event of 2024. In contrast, the Warzone tournament attracted 135,000 peak viewers, with Saudi Arabia’s Team Falcons winning. 

Skyesports' Inaugural THE FINALS Tournament Concludes in Chennai

Skyesports' THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown, India's inaugural LAN event for the FPS shooter, concluded in Chennai. The event garnered significant attention, with over 225,000 viewers, according to Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO of Skyesports. Nandy hailed the event as a "resounding success," reflecting the growing enthusiasm for competitive gaming in India.

Did You Know?

The realistic dead bodies in Half-Life 2 have a chilling backstory. The model "corpse01.mdl," used for depicting lifeless characters, is based on a photograph from a medical textbook, showing an actual deceased person. This unsettling detail highlights Valve's commitment to realism but also introduces an eerie element to the game.

In the GMod community, this model has taken on a new life as the "Hobo" character in DarkRP servers. Additionally, when maps from Half-Life 2 are imported into Source Filmmaker with the lighting turned off, the "corpse01.mdl" can randomly appear and disappear, creating a ghostly presence that some animators find disturbing.

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It’s a funny thing, ambition. It can take one to sublime heights or harrowing depths. And sometimes they are one and the same.”
- Emily Kaldwin, Dishonored

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