Pixel P&L: Esports Jerseys Craze & Roblox’s Indian Adventure

Why esports jerseys are the new must-have collectibles

Vignesh Raghuram
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Good Morning! It’s Friday, May 31. Today, we’re diving into why fans are collecting esports jerseys like they’re Pokémon cards, Roblox’s epic conquest of India, and a whole bag fully of interesting developments.

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Quick note: We’re taking the weekend off from Pixel P&Ls, so don’t panic if you don’t hear from us. We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled news on Monday.

Why Fans Obsess Over esports Jerseys: The Unexpected Power of Team Colors

Jerseys are far more than fabric; they’re a powerful symbol of team heritage and identity. Take the iconic New York Yankees’ nameless jerseys, promoting team unity over individual fame. Or the Chennai Super Kings’ vibrant yellow jerseys, sparking pride and belonging among fans.

But wait—this phenomenon isn’t just for traditional sports. Esports jerseys are becoming the new fashion craze! From runway shows to luxury brand collaborations, esports and fashion are colliding. As games like BGMI and VALORANT explode in South Asia, the market for esports jerseys is booming.

We’ll dive deep into why fans are ready to splurge on these jerseys and how esports organizations can cash in. Are esports jerseys the secret to unlocking a goldmine of fan loyalty and revenue? Sadakshi explores how these colorful threads are transforming fandom and creating a thriving community in South Asian esports.

Roblox Gains Ground in India as Monetization Efforts Pay Off

Roblox, the popular online gaming platform, is rapidly climbing the ranks in India’s gaming market. The game has now secured a spot among the top 10 grossing games in the country, a significant achievement underscoring its growing appeal. 

According to recent insights from the former Head of Corporate Development & Investments at Krafton and current Gaming CEO of Jetsynthesis, Anuj Tandon, the company’s monetization strategies are starting to bear fruit in India. With its public listing status, Roblox is poised to make India a focal point, not just for daily active users (DAU), but as a strategic market for future growth.

User-generated content (UGC) platforms like Roblox and Unreal Engine for Fortnite (UEFN) are becoming the go-to platforms for new, young indie developers. These platforms offer a viable alternative to mobile gaming, which is increasingly viewed as mature and commercialized. As mobile gaming platforms evolve, these UGC platforms stand out as bright spots, fostering innovation and creativity among developers.

Quick Bytes

Tencent Sharpens Focus on Evergreen Games Amid Domestic Market Maturation

Tencent Holdings is refocusing on "evergreen" games, prioritizing steady revenue over frequent new releases as China's gaming market matures. Tencent's senior vice president, Steven Ma Xiaoyi, stated that the company is now canceling projects that don't dominate their genre. This move comes after Tencent's domestic gaming revenue dropped 2% in Q1 to 34.5 billion yuan ($4.8 billion USD), while overseas revenue grew 3% to 13.6 billion yuan ($1.9 billion). Their strategy now favors long-term investments, aiming to sustain flagship titles like Honour of Kings and Peacekeeper Elite, while new hits like  Dungeon & Fighter (DnF) Mobile drive fresh revenue.

Supercell Targets New Gamer Groups with First Launch in Five Years

Helsinki-based Supercell is targeting new gamer demographics with its first product launch in over five years, said CEO Ilkka Paananen. The mobile game developer, majority-owned by Tencent, aims to attract players of all ages and genders with its new game, Squad Busters. Known for hits like Clash of Clans, which has earned over $10 billion since 2012, Supercell seeks to expand its audience amid rising competition. “We want to create games that as many people as possible play for as long as possible,” Paananen stated, emphasizing the company’s commitment to inclusivity and broad appeal in gaming.

Sony's PS5: Most Profitable PlayStation Console Ever

In its 2024 Business Segment Meeting, Sony unveiled that the PS5 has achieved $106 billion in sales and $10 billion in operating profit since its 2020 launch, making it the most profitable PlayStation console ever. The PS4, previously Sony's most successful console, garnered $107 billion in sales and $9 billion in operating profit over seven years. Since 2020, the PS5 has sold 56 million units and according to Sony, users on the platform are spending more money (+176%) on add-on content, (+57%) on services, and (+34%) on peripherals. Users, however, are spending 12% less money on full games

Netflix and Mojang Announce New Minecraft Animated Series

Netflix and Mojang Studios, in collaboration with WildBrain, have announced a new Minecraft animated series featuring an original story and new characters. The release date is yet to be confirmed. WildBrain has co-developed series like Sonic Prime for Netflix. Meanwhile, the live-action Minecraft movie, starring Jack Black, Jason Momoa, and Jennifer Coolidge, is set for April 4, 2025, after delays from its original March 2022 release date.

Dubai Investor Koshy Vinod Acquires Significant Stake in Guild Esports

British esports organization Guild Esports disclosed that Dubai-based investor Mr. Koshy Vinod acquired 66.7 million shares, totaling 8.28% of voting rights. This makes Vinod the third-largest shareholder. According to Esports Insider, the shares were part of a £250,000 Convertible Loan Note Agreement with Compassare Holdings. Vinod, chairman of Compassare Holdings, acquired the shares as part of this agreement. Guild Esports emphasized its strategic focus on the MENA region, bolstered by this and previous investments.

Did You Know?

Did you know that the original PlayStation was almost a Nintendo console? In the early 1990s, Sony was working with Nintendo to create a CD-ROM add-on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). However, the deal fell apart when Nintendo unexpectedly announced a partnership with Philips instead. Undeterred, Sony decided to develop its own gaming console, leading to the creation of the PlayStation. This bold move paid off, as the PlayStation became a massive success, revolutionizing the gaming industry with its 3D graphics and extensive game library, and setting the stage for Sony's dominance in the gaming market.

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