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Indian gaming and SEA's esports scene heat up with CyberPowerPC's bold expansion and TNC Predator's triumphant comeback

Vignesh Raghuram
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Good Morning! It's Thursday, May 23, and we've got a lot on our plates: Cyberpower PC is stepping into the Asian market with its launch in India, Filipino esports powerhouse TNC is back in the PC scene (did they miss us?), and much more.

CyberPowerPC Launches in India, Marking Major Expansion into Asian Markets

CyberPowerPC, a North American gaming PC brand, has announced its entry into the Indian market through a joint venture with Indian technology firm Creative Newtech. This venture marks CyberPowerPC's first move into Asia, aiming to introduce its gaming systems and configurators to Indian consumers.

Vishal Parekh has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer of CyberPowerPC India, bringing extensive industry experience to drive the company's growth and establish a strong market presence.

TNC Predator Makes Triumphant Return to Dota 2 After Year-Long Hiatus

After a year-long hiatus, TNC Predator has announced its return to Dota 2, marking a significant comeback with an all-Filipino roster. The team had been on an indefinite break since December 2022, following their participation in the Asia Pacific Predator League 2022. Eric Redulfin, CEO and founder of TNC, had revealed at that time that the organization would not be competing in the Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit for 2023.

Despite stepping away from Dota 2, TNC Predator remained active in the esports scene, maintaining a robust presence in Mobile Legends. The team has been a part of the MPL PH professional league since Season 8, showcasing their versatility and commitment to competitive gaming.

TNC Predator’s history in Dota 2 is illustrious, with over $4.7 million in prize winnings accrued over the years. Their return is highly anticipated by fans and the esports community, eager to see the new all-Filipino lineup in action.

Quick Bytes

BGMI Launches ‘Hai Thoda Time, Play Thoda BGMI’ Campaign

BGMI has launched a new campaign, ‘Hai Thoda Time, Play Thoda BGMI,’ highlighting its quick gameplay modes for busy gamers. The campaign features three quirky films that illustrate how brief moments in daily life can be perfect for enjoying BGMI’s Quick Game Modes. Each film presents humorously absurd scenarios, ending with characters seizing short breaks to play BGMI.

Twitch Adds Option to Blur or Hide Streams Featuring Gambling, Drug Use, or Sexual Content

Twitch will now allow users to filter out or blur unwanted content, expanding its Content Classification Labels introduced last year. Users can now avoid streams with mature content, sexual themes, gambling, and drug use, with the option to blur thumbnails containing sexual imagery. This follows recent controversies and updates to community guidelines, aiming to make the platform more welcoming. "Our goal is to make it easier for you to have a Twitch experience that's right for you," said VP Jeremy Forrester, in a blog post announcing this change.

Study Finds Gamers View "Smurfing" as Wrong but Admit to Doing It

New research reveals that while online gamers consider "smurfing"—using new accounts to play against less skilled players—as toxic behavior, many still engage in it for what they deem valid reasons. The study, led by Charles Monge and Nicholas Matthews at Ohio State University, found that 69% of gamers admit to smurfing, despite recognizing its negative impact. The findings suggest that perceptions of toxicity in gaming are nuanced, with players justifying smurfing under certain circumstances.

Microsoft Showcases Gaming Potential of New Arm-Based Copilot+ PCs

At the Build 2024 event, Microsoft showcased the gaming capabilities of its new AI-powered Copilot+ PCs, equipped with Arm-based Snapdragon X chips. According to Windows Central, the demonstrations included Baldur's Gate 3 running at around 30 FPS at 1080p on a Surface Pro, which is comparable to high-end PC gaming handhelds, and Borderlands 3 using Auto SR super-resolution technology.

Microsoft claims that 1,200 games can run at 1080p 30+ FPS on these Arm devices, with compatibility and optimizations managed alongside the Arm community. It has also revealed a new website, WorksOnWoA.com that categorizes games as "Perfect," "Playable," "Runs," or "Unplayable," providing detailed information on game performance on Arm-based PCs.

Did You Know

An anime based on Free Fire is in the works!

That's right, the popular battle royale game Garena’s Free Fire, is expanding its universe into the world of anime. This upcoming series will be co produced by Japan-based Kadokawa and is is planned to be broadcast and streamed worldwide.

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