“Online Games” - A Better Legislative Framework to Boost this Industry’s Growth

Harish Chengaiah
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>“Online Games” - A Better Legislative Framework to Boost this Industry’s Growth</p></div>
“Online Games” - A Better Legislative Framework to Boost this Industry’s Growth


AFK Gaming

In our series so far, we have examined the regulation of real money games in India, while video games remain unregulated by the government. But why is this lack of regulation beneficial? Why should the government be concerned about video games, and what support structures could be implemented to foster their growth?  These are the questions that this final article in this series aims to address. 

The Boon of Unregulated Video Games

Unlike Real money games, India’s domestic video games market remains relatively small. Despite boasting  444 million gamers, with monthly and daily active user count exceeding the populations of many countries, this vast user base does not translate to ideal revenue generation. Niko Partners projects the 2023 valuation of India’s domestic video game market at approximately $870 million.

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