Lessons that Dota 2 Esports Could Learn From League of Legends

The League of Legends ecosystem offers valuable growth and engagement strategies that Valve could use to revitalize Dota 2

Vignesh Raghuram
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Lessons that Dota 2 Esports Could Learn From League of Legends</p></div>
Lessons that Dota 2 Esports Could Learn From League of Legends


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Dota 2, once one of the prom kings of esports now sulks in the corner as its player base flatlines at the "just friends" mark of 400k average players. This has been the reality for the Valve MOBA for over half a decade now, a stark contrast to the global heartthrob that is League of Legends, boasting a whopping 115 million monthly users.

Now let’s dive into the realm of esports viewership - a tale of two darlings. One is winning hearts worldwide, while the other, to put it gently, has seen better days in terms of allure. League of Legends' 2023 World Championship shattered records with a peak viewership of 6.4 Million up significantly from the previous year. Meanwhile, Dota 2 has seen a concerning decline in its viewership numbers. Since peaking at The International 2021 with 2.7 Million viewers, the game's most significant event has witnessed a gradual drop-off, with 2022's peak viewership at 1.75 Million and 2023's even lower at 1.4 Million.

Dota 2 vs League of Legends viewership

AFK Gaming

The signs are clear: Dota 2 is experiencing its own version of "Inception," moving through levels of stagnation, minus the exciting dream manipulation. It's crucial for Valve to initiate its own dramatic revival, taking inspiration from other esports successes to breathe new life into the game. Sure, cranking up the marketing machine through Steam is a no-brainer, but why stop there? The League of Legends ecosystem is ripe with lessons on growth and engagement. From innovative content creation to fostering a more vibrant community, there are myriad strategies that Valve could employ to breathe new life into Dota 2, if the company is willing to be bold.

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