A New Chapter for AFK Gaming

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Nishant Patel
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>A New Chapter for AFK Gaming</p></div>
A New Chapter for AFK Gaming


AFK Gaming

AFK Gaming was started with a dream of creating a destination for quality gaming and esports content. Over the years we lost our way. The pressures of an unforgiving media monetization landscape, coupled with the lure of easy traffic via Google are partly to blame for this.

Many of our peers succumbed to this temptation as well, and learned the hard way that this is not a sustainable business model.

In an attempt to avoid a similar fate, we are pivoting.

The SEO-driven content model favors quantity over quality but now it’s time to reverse the equation. Unfortunately this means that we are going to lose a significant portion of our readers. And we are okay with that.

Good stories take time, effort and money to produce. We believe that quality stories are those that are worth paying for. It’s why 80% of our new stories will be going behind a paywall - along with access to a first of its kind dashboard (coming soon) packed with data about tournaments, teams, influencers, company financials, player demographics and spending habits. Our stories will go deep into topics around games, esports and youth culture and are meant to add value to business owners, brand managers, investors, tournament organizers, team owners, game developers and other stakeholders.

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Nishant is a co-founder of AFK Gaming is well versed with esports in Asia. He has an in-depth understanding of the Indian esports business ecosystem.