22-Year-Old Developer Reaches Millionaire Status From Making Creative Roblox Games


22-Year-Old Developer Reaches Millionaire Status From Making Creative Roblox Games

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Dublin-based developer, Daire Bohan joins the ranks of Ireland’s millionaires from the commercial success of his popular Roblox games.
Bohan mainly credits his success to his Anime Fighters Simulator, a game where players can select different Anime characters and battle it out with each other.

Roblox, the innovative sandbox platform, still continues to maintain its popularity even after decades, thanks to the contributions of several independent developers who introduce fresh and imaginative game modes, captivating millions of players every day. The Roblox Corporation has certainly capitalized on this appeal, amassing an estimated net worth of a staggering $27.09 Billion dollars, cementing its success in the industry. 

Against this backdrop, it comes as no surprise to witness one of the game’s top developers, Daire Bohan, known for his Anime-themed sandbox games achieving millionaire status while still navigating college life at 22.

Irish Developer Daire Bohan Becomes One of Ireland’s Youngest Millionaires

Dublin-based developer Daire Bohan has ascended to the ranks of Ireland’s millionaires through the success of his anime-themed titles on the sandbox platform. According to a report by the  Irish Independent, Bohan’s DB Games Technologies paid its directors, Daire and his mother, a total of around EUR 2.3 million in wages and pension contributions, as seen in a public filings report from the 2022 financial year.

The 22-year-old millionaire has been a top Roblox developer since October 2019, creating a diverse array of games such as Pet Heroes, Wizard Simulator, Anime Fighters Simulator, Anime Champions Simulator, etc. All of these games have been handled by Bohan, right from initial concepts to the project’s full release on the platform. What makes this an exceptional feat is the fact that Bohan has simultaneously been working on his projects alongside his academic responsibilities, being a student of Mathematics at the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin.

Bohan mentions that his academic background as a Mathematician has helped him pursue a data-driven approach to game development, allowing him to create precisely tuned progression systems and other mechanics within all of his titles.

Although most of the developer’s games have been well-received on the platform, Daire attributes much of his success to Anime Fighters, a game where players can choose from a diverse list of characters from popular Anime and battle it out with one another. This title was released in January 2021 and has seen a colossal 1.2 billion visits so far with 93% of players liking the game.

Following the success of the aforementioned game, Bohan also released Anime Champions on 23rd September 2023, which has accumulated 185 million visits in 6 months. While his other titles have also garnered positive reception, the massive critical and commercial success of Anime Fighters and Champions, showcases the dominance of Anime-based games on the platform.

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