The Best Ways to Find Lucky Pals in Palworld


The Best Ways to Find Lucky Pals in Palworld

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Lucky Pals are equivalent to Shiny Pokémon and are much more powerful than regular Pals found in the open world.
Are you wondering how to find Lucky Pals in Palworld? Here's everything you need to know.

Palworld came out of nowhere and has skyrocketed into a mainstream success story. The title has sold millions of copies in a matter of days, quickly shooting up the charts as one of Steam’s biggest games. 

However, the game’s similarities with Pokémon have raised many controversies. One feature that players love in Pokémon is shiny versions of their pocket monsters. Unsurprisingly, Palworld also has a shiny equivalent of monsters called ‘Lucky Pals.’ In this guide, we’ll reveal the best ways to find Lucky Pals in Palworld. 

What are Lucky Pals in Palworld?

During your adventures in Palworld, you’ll come across Pals with a glow. These Pals are known as ‘‘Lucky Pals’ and have increased stats. Like shiny Pokémon, Lucky Pals will have a different appearance but the same color. The only difference is that they’re larger than regular Pals. 

Lucky Pals are also stronger than regular Pals. They have the ‘Lucky’ trait, which increases their attacks and speed by 15%. They also have a much better chance of having higher-than-normal stats and can feature special passive and active skills. 

How Can You Get Lucky Pals in Palworld?

Unfortunately, there’s no fixed location where you can find Lucky Pals in Palworld. However, you can find Lucky Pals by learning how to spot them. While they’re incredibly rare, it’s possible to find them easily when you’re exploring the world of Palworld. Here are a few Lucky Pal signs you need to look out for –

  1. Sparkling Sound – Lucky Pals emit a sparkling voice when they’re in the area. Wear headphones, and listen for the voice; that’s your sign if a Lucky Pal has spawned near you.

  2. Larger Size Pals – Lucky Pals are often larger in size than their regular counterparts. So, if you see an abnormally large Pal, chances are it might be a lucky pal.

  3. Gold Sparkles – Lucky Pals will have gold sparkles around them, which is the best way to tell you’ve found a Lucky Pal.

While Lucky Pals are rare, they’re also hard to catch. You’ll need multiple Pal Spheres, so you better come prepared. The fight will also be drawn out since Lucky Pals will put up a big fight before you can capture them.

The Best Ways to Find Lucky Pals in Palworld

What Are The Odds of Finding Lucky Pals in Palworld?

 According to the developers, the odds of finding a Lucky Pal are small; on average, you will be able to find one every 10 hours. There’s no way to increase the odds of finding one with any in-game item or by traveling to certain locations in the open world. However, if you get lucky, you might be able to find a Lucky Pal a little earlier than 10 hours. 

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Lucky Pals in Palworld. For more guides, check out the fastest flying mounts you can get in Palworld.

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